How do you write blog post

Few days back I have got a mail from one of the viewer who was asking me “how do you write blog post” , “which technique do you use”,” which blogging tools do I use ”  So I have decided to post on this topic where I will tell you my technique that I have learn over 2 years. If you are a newcomer then this will help you too

We will see how to prepare a quality content,how to get free images and make videos all by using free blogging tools.

To write blog post on high quality content it should have following properties.

  • Text information which add value to the user
  • 2-3 relevant images and Videos
  • Easy readable and understandably with no spelling and grammar mistake.
  • Publishing your post on social media and article directory.

Content of How to write blog post

This article has been divided in 4 different sections where we will find which free tools to do following task.

how do you write a blog post

1. We will understand how to create content.

2. In second part we will find out how to get free images which don’t have any copyright issue.

3.The third part consist of making video using free tools.

4.Lastly we will see how to advertise you blog on the internet after publishing it.



 Part I : How to get content idea

Read lots of online article and subscribe to their RSS feeds.

It’s always a good idea to divide you articles in several parts. For this I use evernote to take notes for my article. It is available at all platform like android ,Pc and online.So Whenever i found important and relevant information for my article I write it down. You can use it as team also as the data is sync in the cloud.

Use Free Google Adword tool to find high demanding keyword but stick to less than 30k range having low competition.

Another important tool is the Alexa toolbar. It tell you ranking of websites , lower the rank more trusted the website is.

Once you have written you article you can check the spelling and grammar errors from polishmywriting.

Do some research and look for topics which is not on Google.

Free blogging tools: Evernote and Alexa toolbar

Part II How to get free images for blog

I don’t need to tell you how important it is to have images in your blog. But most common mistake that everyone do is using copyright images in their blog without giving any proper credit to the source, and sometimes the images is so widely used in different blogs that you don’t even know the original source. Photopin Another great source that I recently found out.

I have made the same mistake in my early blogging days and found out that you don’t rank high in Google if you have copyright images. So here are some solutions.

  1. Use free images from flicker that are listed under creative commons.
  2. Capture screenshots of your screen using either print screen or snipping tool (default) or free tool called greenshots.
  3. You can also run Advance image search on Google and set the licence to free to commercial use.
  4. Make your own images using free tool gimp or which are good substitute of Photoshop.

Watch this video on How to get free images for websites

Part III How to make free video for blog

Make your own video and host it on video hosting sites like YouTube and Vimeo. I like videos in blogs for these reasons

  • They increase quality of the article for the search engine.
  • You can easily explains things in video which is otherwise very difficult .
  • You can also monetize your video differently which means double income. Like I use YouTube partners programs for my videos.

To make your free Videos you can either record your screen using CamStudio or online web browser tool screencast-o-matic.

For editing the video window movie maker or YouTube editor are free tools and work pretty tool.


Part IV Advertise your blog for free

Once you have written high quality content with rich images and video it’s time to make it available for rest of the world.

Sharing your blog

Source Flicker

Here are some easy ways to share your blog.

Ping your new blog so that search engine knew that they have to crawl your post .You can use services like free service like Ping-O-Matic.

Make a short URL of blog article using and then share the link on different social media like Facebook , Twitter , StumbleUpon and most important Pinterest.

I use Hootsuite for scheduling my links on social media at times when most of my followers are online.

Commenting on niche sites.For example if my title is FREE BLOGGING TOOL , I will Google for how to get more traffichow to improve content etc and then leave the comment their while providing some useful information to the readers . Don’t comment on website with same topic, as their are very less changes for your commenting approved by webmaster.

Submit the link of your article to high Page rank directory like reddit and digg.

Send mails to your contacts using MailChimp. You can send 12,000 emails a month to a list of up to 2,000 subscribers with MailChimp for free.



These are some of the Free blogging tools that I use write blog post. Let me know which software or secret technique do you use to make blogging productive. Share your knowledge via comments.

Also read top blogging tools.

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