How to fix grub rescue error with Fixmbr Command

Want to know how to fix grub rescue error with the help of single command? All you need is windows installation or recovery disk. If you haven’t made it you can use Hiren’s boot CD. (download link)

To Temporary Access Your Computer, you can use Linux Pen Drive to boot into System. Read more about it from here.

Error Shown

Unknown File systemGrub Rescue

Unknown File system

Grub Rescue

How It May Happen

There are many reasons but most commons one is- If you have install Ubuntu along with windows and you mess up with partition or uninstall Ubuntu. In that case the Grub is also uninstall and since windows can’t find it, we can’t login.

For Any system to boot into main memory, It require mbr (master boot record). When mbr is damage the system is damage the system is no longer able to load in operating system. And error of grub rescue is shown

Follow the steps

1. Insert Windows 7 Installation or DVD win recovery disk, if you don’t have them you can use Hiren’s boot cd.

2. Boot in cd/dvd drive. Usually this is done by press combination of F8 or F12. But since this varies from system to system, I suggest you Google ‘How to boot into cd on ___’ followed by your laptop model no.

How to Solve Grub Rescue Error with Fixmbr Command

3. In Hiren boot menu, select boot from hard drive windows 7

how to fix grub rescue error

Hiren’s boot menu

4. Press F8 immediately then Select Click Repair your compute.

repair your computer from hiren boot

5. Select a language click next, Click the Command Prompt and enter the command bootrec /fixmbr


6. Reboot computer and you are good to go.

Video- How to fix grub rescue error

If you face any problem let me know through the comments below.

Next time, if you are afraid to create another partition for installation, I suggest you use wubi installer. This lets you can install Linux in the same drive where you have install your windows and is very simple to use. You can select the OS during the start-up process. Read More here.


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