How to Save Android battery Life With ABC

When I switch to my first android I was shocked to see the battery life, it won’t last more than 6-8 hours. So I looked over the internet and found many tips. After testing them on my android I found some were effective while others were not.

saving android barttery RTT

These tips are simple as ABC , and you won’t have to under clock the Cpu or do anything that require rooting your android.In this article I will share you tested and working tips that will defiantly increase your battery life.


Android Apps


Juice defender

Juice defender saving battery life

You might be using one right one, If you are not get one and you will amazed to see change it brings.

My personal favorite in Juice defender. It comes in both free and paid version. I use the free version and find sufficient for average users.


This app optimize the power consumption when your screen is off so if  you are using constantly using your handset then don’t expect much from it.

Click here to Find out more about juice defender.

Click here to get juice defender from play store.




It’s eats major part of battery. You keep the contrast low  you save battery. Here are some things you can do.

Use dark wallpaper avoid live wallpaper.

Turn off the automatic brightness and keep it low as possible.

Turn off the automatic brightness and keep it low as possible.

Keep brightness low

Use the night mode in your browser (available in dolphin and maxthon browser)


Use the night mode in your browser

night mode



turn off connectivity

Turn off connectivity

This includes you Bluetooth wifi and 3g network. Use wifi only if you have strong signal same apply for 3g network. Turn on the 3g network when you have to browse the internet. In the standby mode 3G eats more battery.

Use the flight mode if you have extremely low battery , it will disable all the connectivity and you will amazed to how long your battery  can last in flight mode.

Lower you update frequencies you can do it from here frequency settings-> accounts & sync.

If you have any other idea that had saved your battery life , let me know by commenting below.

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