4 Ways to Turn Your Windows Computer into a WiFi Hotspot

Turn your Window PC into WiFi Hotspot

If you are reading this, then you are probably the only one with an internet connection among your friends. And wouldn’t it be great to share your Internet with your friend? Or say your new hotel limits the number of devices internet for free WiFi. Well, then here are some …

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7 Best Facebook Alternative Apps for Android


Facebook is all about being connected to your friends and family all the time. And the Facebook app for smartphones makes it easier to connect with your peeps everywhere you go. However, it isn’t one of the most friendly apps, and if you have even a year old phone, you …

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5 Best Call Forwarding Android Apps You Should Try

Best Call Forwarding Android Apps

Call forwarding is a great feature to forward calls to another number. If your phone has a low battery or you need to receive calls on your home or office phone instead, then call forwarding will immensely help. However, it can be a little difficult to enable call forwarding on your …

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Top 10 Network Monitoring Apps for Android


Almost each and every Android device has at least over a dozen apps that connect to the internet. Moreover, we constantly switch between different networks like 3G, 4G, WiFi, etc. for better connection and speed. When you consider all this, it becomes quite a task to actively monitor the active …

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Top 10 Meme Generator Apps For Android


Whether it’s Facebook comment, group chat on WhatsApp or even dark 4Chan threads; Memes are all over the internet. So, why not have them on your Android too? We hunted the Play Store for some of the best Meme generator apps; something with amazing collections, free and option to quickly share them on …

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Find Out Who’s Connected to Your WiFi Network

Your router’s lights are blinking, but no one is using it. Or you are not getting the internet speed; you paid for. Chances are, your neighbor is using your WiFi without your knowledge. But how can you confirm it? Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to find out who is connected to your …

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5 Email Services to Send Encrypted Email


Privacy is a big concern on the internet and the only foolproof way to keep your information private is to use encryption. That said, if you are looking to keep your email conversations private, then you should send encrypted emails instead. There are many services out there that will let …

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5 Ways To Monitor Broadband Usage in Windows

Monitor Broadband Usage

It is extremely important to monitor bandwidth usage if you have a limited internet data plan. If you are not monitoring your bandwidth usage, it could lead to being hit with hundreds of dollars in charges for extra bandwidth use. Apart from charges, some ISPs also put restrictions or throttle …

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Comparing the Best Reddit Apps for Android


Reddit is a gateway to everything interesting going on worldwide. This social network claims to be “The front page of the internet“, and you’ll begin believing that when you start opening Reddit, the first thing in the morning instead of the newspaper. But if you’re here, you probably already know …

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Best Camera Apps For Android


Whether you buy an expensive or a budget smartphone, you often get the same stock camera app. But you don’t have to stick with them. There are plenty of 3rd party camera apps for Android that can help you shoot some amazing photos. Say you bought a Windows machine which …

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