Looking for Alternative to TeamViewer? Here are 5 Best of Them

alternative to teamviewer

TeamViewer is one of the most popular, free, and feature-rich application that allows you to connect to a desktop remotely. In case you are wondering, connecting to a remote desktop is really useful when you want to quickly troubleshoot or fix the problems of a computer that you cannot reach …

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Reduce File Size With These Video Compressor App For Android

Video compressor for Android

With modern smartphones capable of recording High-Resolution videos such as 4K, one small downside is that these videos can take a lot of space on your mobile. And, if you want to send these HQ videos to your friends and family, it’ll take a lot of time and bandwidth to …

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7 Best Screen Recorder Apps for Android

Screen Recording Apps for Android

Got an exciting Android game today? And now want to share your awesome gameplay with the world. Or let just say, you want to record your Android screen for a YouTube video tutorial. Well, the good new is, it’s quite easy to do that with the screen recorder apps for …

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5 Best Encryption Tools For Windows 2016


If you are concerned about the security of the data inside your PC, then you should encrypt it. Encryption adds a fool proof security wall over your data that makes it almost impossible for a hacker to breach and access your data. Thankfully, there are plenty tools available for Windows …

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Best Video Editing Apps For Android


With the rapid advancement in the smartphones cameras, anyone can now easily shoot high-quality videos. Though the videos taken from the devices may be too long or broken, we may need a video editing tool to give a final touch. We tested dozens of video editing apps on Google play and …

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5 Best Android Apps to Send SMS From Computer

MySms- Android Apps to Send SMS from Computer

You are doing some important on your computer, and suddenly you got a message on your Android phone. Now instead of stopping your work on your computer and picking up the phone; why not use an app to send and receive SMS from your computer? Save a lot of time in …

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5 Best Network Monitoring Tools for Windows

Network Monitoring Tools for Windows

If you are using a computer for long enough, then you might have come across situations where you have to deal with a network related issue or want to monitor the incoming and outgoing traffic to your computer. This is especially true if you are a network administrator or someone …

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How to use Angry IP Scanner – Beginners Guide


If you are a network administrator or someone who is learning Ethical Hacking, then you might have found yourself in the situations where you need to scan bunch of IPs (Internet Protocol) addresses and/or ports. And one of the best tools to do this is the Angry IP Scanner. Even …

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8 Ways to Take Screenshots on Windows

Screenshots on Windows

Screenshots are versatile and can be used for numerous purposes. You may need to send a funny screenshot to a friend, or some glitch you are facing on your computer – the ability to show your screen to others can be a huge asset. Luckily for us, there are many …

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Top 5 Free Online Image Editor Like Photoshop


Photoshop is definitely the king when it comes to photo editing software. However, it is a paid tool that requires a lot of system resources to work smoothly. If you prefer online image editing tools that are lighter and also don’t take any space on your hard drive, then we …

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