5 Ways to Disable Startup Programs in Windows


Many programs are set to start with Windows when you install them, and usually without your permission. Skype, CCleaner, and uTorrent are some of the popular examples. However, not always you may need services of such programs as soon as Windows starts. These programs will slow down boot time, open in …

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Adblock Plus vs uBlock Origin | Which one to Choose?


In the past few years, the topic of using ad-blockers or not has become a big topic of discussion. There are arguments both for and against using Adblocker. Some websites provide quality content with non-intrusive ads while there are other sites that have so many obstructive ads that it’s practically …

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uTorrent is Bloated With Ads Try These 8 Alternative


If you are a torrent user, then you might remember the good old days when the uTorrent used to be the best, lightweight, and open source torrenting client. But that all changed after Bittorrent bought the client and filled it with ads. And not any ads, but the ads that are …

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How to Fix Bootloop on Android Smartphone


Yesterday, my dad came to me and said — ‘My Android phone (moto e) is not turning ON’. And by taking a closer look, it seems like the phone was stuck in the boot animation. Restart didn’t help. The local repair shops either refuse to fix it or quoted huge …

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Everything You Need to Know About Paytm Wallet


As there has been a shortage of paper money all over India, digital wallets are here to the rescue. Paytm wallet, a popular mobile eWallet has seen a massive increase in usage since PM Modi demonetised ₹500 and ₹1,000 currency to fight black money. Related: Everything You Need To Know About …

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RTT is Looking for a Tech Writer and Video Editor (Open)

post- we are hiring at RTT

Are you a tech geek with good writing skills? Are you looking for a full-time job?   So finally, the time has come. Until now, I was single-handedly managing both this blog and my YouTube channel. But to grow, we need a team. Right? So, with that in mind, I …

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10 Tips to Speed Up Slow Windows 10 PC

Speed Up Slow Windows 10 PC

Windows 10 has significant improvements when it comes to speed and stability. However, if you are using your system extensively while swapping between different applications, installing and uninstalling apps, and no restarts whatsoever then your Windows 10 PC can become slower over time. This is particularly true if you are …

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4 Android Apps to Create Text Animation For YouTube Videos


Want to create a YouTube intro with some text animations? Or maybe add some text effect to your presentation? Well, the first thing that came to our mind is to use professional tools like — Adobe After Effects or Sony Vegas. But with them, there is a steep learning curve …

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5 Best Free Backup Software for Windows


It doesn’t matter whether you are a home user or a pro user, you should have no excuses to backup the data on your computer. In fact, it is one of the essential things that you should do if you own a system. This is because there is no telling …

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How to Remove Cellular Data Limit Exceeded Notification


I recently got an email from one of my subscribers, saying he’s facing an annoying problem on his Android. Here is what he wrote in the email. Hi, Mrinal Recently I had this annoying notification on my Android smartphone running Marshmallow. I exceeded the mobile data limit which I set a …

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