How to install mts mblaze and photon+ in Ubuntu 12.04

mts on ubuntu 12.04

Many beginners faces the problem on how to run internet on Ubuntu 12.04 using usb dongle. I had faced the problem , after inserting the dongle the nothing was prompt on the screen unlike windows. After looking on the web I find various solution some were basic while other were not.Watch …

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Whatsapp Tricks: Everythings You Should Know About WhatsApp

whatsapp tricks

Author’s Note: This is a very detailed guide on WhatsApp. So please go through this article patiently, there is lots of information to process. That being said, I update this post every month. So yes, everything is fresh. Now why spend money on SMS when you already have a data plan?  This elevator …

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Finnally I got my First Adsense Check


Today, My dad called me and said: ” A letter addressing you has arrived form Google.” And that’s it; I knew what was inside it. And as predicted, “It was my first Check form Google Adsense.” This would never be possible without you guys, and therefore I have decided to …

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Install TeamViewer 8 for Ubuntu 12.04


TeamViewer is the best app and i have been using it for a while for troubleshooting purposes. In this video i to install and use TeamViewer 8 on ubuntu system with complete guide. But this will work same on windows too . What is TeamViewer ? Team Viewer is a popular …

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Convert document to Pdf with Google Chrome

Convert any document into Pdf with Google Chrome

There are lots of website and software that let you convert text into pdf but Problem with them are you either need an internet connection or software installation in your system . But what in case of emergency when you don’t have any of this , well there is simple …

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Test Internet Connection Speed Using Ping Command

test your internet speed with

Looking for a quick way to test your network speed? Well, you can always use service like speedtest. Their results are accurate. However, most advanced users prefer Ping command. Why use ping? Well, it’s quick, platform independent, works even on a slow internet connection, and it can reveal some useful information …

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WiseStamp : Adds Custom Signatures Email Service

Email signature are getting popular nowadays especially in the professional world. In this article we will found out how to get custom email signature using WiseStamp What is e-mail signature ? It’s a block of text which appear after the mail you send which contains your name , contact info , email …

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How to sync your Android contacts to gmail

sync your Android contacts to gmail

In this article you will find out different ways that you can use to sync your android contacts to Gmail with few clicks.This helps a lot when your phone get lost or stolen. It’s always better to have your important data on cloud so that you can access it from anywhere. You …

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5 Most Common Bluestacks Error Solved (With Videos)

solving bluestacks error

So your friend introduced you to this new software called bluestacks; that run android apps on the computer. And you decided to give it a try, but unfortunately, it didn’t work. You may have got errors like BlueStacks 25000, BlueStacks 2GB Memory Error or a Video Card Error. Update  Before we …

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What To Do Just After you Lost your Android

crying lost his phone

If you are reading this then you might have lost your android or just want to prepare yourself for the disaster. If you happens to be from the first group then you have my condolence. And if you belong to second group who are just anxious, then I will really like …

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