Video Sharing Sites that are different from YouTube


YouTube is a Google for videos. You can find almost anything on YouTube whether it’s funny cat video, computer’s tutorial, audio books and even full-length movies. Being a YouTuber, I spend half of my day on YouTuber. But there are few underrated video sharing and hosting platforms. They are not as …

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How to make online bill payment using sbionline banking

Sbi online banking:How to make rechareges using internet banking

Last updated Dec 2014 With SBIonline Banking you can not only transfer funds but it also gives you power to make online recharges and bill payments. And here are some of the cool things you can do with SBI Net Banking Service India other than fund transfer. Recharge mobile no/data card/dish recharge …

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How to reduce eye strain while using computer

reduce eye strain

Working long hours on computer could  be fun, but if your work involves too much interaction with the computer screen then you are most likely to experienced eye strain, wet eyes and even headache. Recently I have gone to same phase when I have to work for 8-10 hours in front of  computer screen and when …

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Reset Forgotten Passwords in SBI Online Banking

forgot netbanking password

As technology is improving, many services are coming online. This means we have to now keep track of multiple online accounts. And under such pressure, it won’t be surprising if you forget a password of one of these services. Now unlike other services, resetting online banking password is not easy. You will have to …

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What happen to Facebook, Twitter, Google account after you die

social media accounts

With rise in digital media the online profile has become as important as your real world identity.But have you ever wonder what happen to Facebook , Google + , Twitter and email accounts if someone passed out. Since nobody have your passwords they tends to live even after you die. …

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How I solved my bluestacks graphic card error (2 Ways)

older version of bluestacks

So you are installing bluestacks, but suddenly you get this Graphics Card Error, even tough your system have met all the system requirement. So now what?   Reason for Bluestacks Graphic Card Error There are two types of Graphic card — Microsoft’s proprietary Direct3D, which is used to run windows programs OpenGL, …

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How to Identify People on the Internet

how to identify people on internet

Let say you get a call/message from an unknown number or an email from a stranger. And you are curious to find out the real person behind it. Or you met someone on matrimonial/job search websites and would like to know who they are. Usually, background checks is a paid service. But …

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What happens after deactivating facebook account


To find out really what happens after deactivating facebook account ,I decided to do some research. For the trial I made a fresh Facebook account and started using it like a normal user would use and then Deactivating Facebook Account Permanently after few days .In this article I will be sharing with you …

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Things you should know if use Cat5 Ethernet cable


Ethernet cable is among the most popular network cable which are used to connect two Pc’s ,two routers or even Pc to router.Sometime it’s getting really confusing  which cable should we select for data transfer b/w 2 Pc’s. In This article we will try to understand the real difference b/w difference …

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What’s new in iPhone 5s and 5c


Today apple launches 2 new iPhone 5s and the cheaper one 5c. After many rumors and speculation about the model now we finally know what Apple has to offer with these two new model. Unlike iPhone 5 where Apple failed to introduced new features,in iPhone 5s and 5c we have seen that Apple has try to add new cool features at …

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