10 Websites To Discover New Music Based On What You Like

Websites To Find New Music

Why music makes us happy? Researches has shown, music releases a chemical in the brain, called dopamine which is responsible for making us happy. (1) Most of us, like to listen to music while working, coding or doing chores. It helps us to lift out mood, motivate us for trying harder …

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Workercise: Exercises To Do At Work While Working On PC


Researchers have shown that people having desk job may live up to 5 years less as compared to people with field job. [source] Sitting down and starting your computer for straight eight hours may earn you some extra bucks but will slack off your health. Exercise is an important part of …

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How To Find The Name of a Song With Few Information

find the name of a song

Suppose you are in party and an awesome song comes in, but unfortunately you can’t figure out its name. Now here you have two options, you can either ask your friends for the name of song or you can take help of technology. Although the former option may risked revealing your ignorance …

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What To Do After Texting The Wrong Person

how to undo sent text message

So let say, you accidentally sent a text to the wrong person. And once you do that you are left with two options, either cry like a baby or pretend your account got hacked somehow. But guess what, you don’t need to do any of that. There is a better, ‘third option’. …

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How To Invite All Friends On Facebook Page In Chrome

how to invite all friends to facebook page google chrome

The traditional way of inviting friends on Facebook Page or Event is too tedious. Going over friends one by one and clicking on the ‘Invite’ button is only good if you want to invite selective friends but most of us usually prefer to invite all friends to a Facebook page with a single …

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Workaround To Create Instagram Account From PC

make an account for instagram on the computer

Update: You can now create a new Instagram account from a computer.  Instagram is of the most popular mobile apps which let you share photos with your friends and family. But similar to WhatsApp, Instagram is only available as a mobile app. Although you can use Instagram’s website to browse your Instagram feeds and comment and like …

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How to reset windows Login password (Video)


Forgetting Administrator password is never cool. But luckily there are many password reset tools available that can easily reset windows login password. However one big disadvantage of using most of these tools are, either they paid or quite complicated to work with. Watch this video on How to rest passwords on …

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5 YouTube URL Tricks You Can Learn in 5 Min (Video)

YouTube Tips and Tricks

As you are reading this, over 3 million YouTube videos are already watched, by the people around the world. [source]. YouTube is second most popular Search engine after Google. But instead of just streaming those funny cat videos there is much more you can do on YouTube. (See this video tutorial) Here …

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How To Add Google Forms On Facebook Page (Video)

Facebook is the great way to create awareness about your business. But sadly Facebook don’t allow hosting external webpage. However there is workaround to host external webpage (in our case Google Forms) using Facebook Apps.

Want to add Google Forms on your Facebook Page? Apparently, Facebook do not let you embedding third party web pages. But, there is a workaround with Google Forms. In fact, this method is not limited to Google Form, but you can embed almost anything that is using iFrame tags; whether be it …

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