5 Brilliant Tips For Making Good PowerPoint Presentations

Tips For Making Good PowerPoint Presentations

People often try to imitate Steve jobs’s or Ted talk’s presentations. But have you ever wonder; you don’t need to give presentation like them in the first place. Yes, you are not running a multi-billion company neither you are going to address millions of audience, Right ! then why copying …

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FakeOFF: Easily Identify Fake Account on Facebook

how to tell a fake facebook account

Everyone knows Facebook is biggest social networking website in this world, But what we usually miss is not everyone is real on Facebook. According to a recent survey about 10% of the Facebook’s accounts are fake. [source] So if you are skeptical about some of the friends identify, especially if you …

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How To Block Adult Content on Android

Block Porn on Android

As technology is evolving every day, many teenagers (and even adults) are getting easy access to smartphones. And once they have access to the web, they are open to all sought of things– good, bad or even porn. Studies have confirmed, positive correlation between children’s exposure to pornography and aggressive behavior. Although you can’t …

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10 Useful Tasker Profiles for Beginners (Part 1/3)

useful Tasker Profile

Everyone who enjoys Android should use Tasker. At least once! Now those of you, who don’t know what Tasker is, Well it’s an Automation app that can automate almost anything on your Android. For instance; it can send you an emergency text before you battery dies, auto-rotate the screen when you open …

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Where to Find Free Music For Your YouTube Videos


So you have created an excellent video, now all you need is a right music. You can’t only use any music you want, for you YouTube video. You need to have its copyright or at least permission. So the only option left is to find a royalty free music. But before that, let …

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What is A Proper Way To Close Android Apps?

android back button vs home button

Mr. Curious wrote, Dear RTT, I am using Android from a long time now, and I always wonder which is the correct way to close an app on Android? I know one can use the Home button or Back button to closes the app, I have also seen few people using the task …

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How To Pay Electricity Bill Online in India (Video)

Pay Electricity Bill Online

Long gone are the days when you have to stand in a queue to pay your bills. Now you can pay almost any bills online. Paying bills online not only save time and fuel but it also reduces the use of paper receipts. It further cut company’s expense on paper works …

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Quicker Way To Unlike Multiple Pages On Facebook

How to Quickly Unlike Multiple Facebook Pages

From now to the time you have joined Facebook, you have liked several Facebook Pages. And it’s no wonder that most of them no longer interest you anymore. Although You can like up to 5,000 Pages on Facebook, (source) that may look like a big number to most of you, but …

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10 Websites To Discover New Music Based On What You Like

Websites To Find New Music

Why music makes us happy? Researches has shown, music releases a chemical in the brain, called dopamine which is responsible for making us happy. (1) Most of us, like to listen to music while working, coding or doing chores. It helps us to lift out mood, motivate us for trying harder …

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Workercise: Exercises To Do At Work While Working On PC


Researchers have shown that people having desk job may live up to 5 years less as compared to people with field job. [source] Sitting down and starting your computer for straight eight hours may earn you some extra bucks but will slack off your health. Exercise is an important part of …

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