How to Regain Lost SD Card Storage

How to regain lost sd CARD space

So you did something with your SD card (other than its normal usage) and now it’s not showing full storage space. For instance, something went wrong while I was installing NOOBS (an operating system for raspberry pi) on micro SD card and in that process I lost 90 percent of my storage. …

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Compress Bulk Images Without Losing Quality

Compress bulk images

Images taken from smartphones can easily weight up to 5 MB and in no time you get will memory full error. Or let say you have a huge collection of images on your computer that you would like to upload on web. Now, this huge files size may look good at …

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Make A DIY Cable Management Holder

diy cable management holder

Nowadays, it’s quite common to see bunch of cables lying around the house, the list includes — earphones, ethernet cables, HDMI cables, power cables, USB cables etc etc. And since cable management is always in our least priority, we are always left with nest of cables lying in our shelf. …

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Useful Android Apps for Indian users

10 userful android apps for indians

Meet the hidden gems of Android. #1 Whats-on-India discover exciting tv shows or movies that are being played in different Indian channels. It also shows you the schedule of future programs up to one week. #2 HealthifyMe keep your body fit by tracking your calories intake. The only health app with …

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Take Professional Product Photos with your Smartphone

Take professinal photos with smartphones camera

While shopping online, have you ever noticed that most product’s pictures are in a white background? This white background not only make the image look more professional but also helps to bring the focus to the actual product. So next time you sell something on eBay or olx, make sure you use …

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How to Screenshot Part of Screen (Windows | Mac | Android)

Take screenshot in mac

Taking screenshots on most devices is a piece of cake these days. But with little knowledge (or utility) you can make the entire process much quicker and efficient. So let’s see how. Windows The traditional way of taking a screenshot in Windows is quite tedious. First, hit the ‘PrntScr’ key on …

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Useful Websites that Everyone Should Know

Useful websites

Here are some useful websites that one can not find with simple Google search. Video demo #1 Ninite Download all popular Windows software without having to click on NEXT NEXT each time on the setup wizard. It’s quick, easy and you do not have to worry about installing a bloatware by mistake. …

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How to make a Chrome Extension (with Video)

open multiple websites chrome extension screenshot

Recently, I published- Open Multiple Websites, a simple chrome extension that opens all your favourite websites with a single click. And surprising making a chrome extension is easier than I thought. All you need is basic understanding of HTML and JavaScript. Google has a detail documentation on how to build a chrome extension from …

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Useful Software for Windows Computer


Here is the list of useful Windows software that everyone should have. #1 Flux the blue light coming out of your computer’s monitor affect your sleep cycle. So flux automatically adjust the brightness and color of your screen based on the time of the day. #2 PhotoRec recover accidentally deleted files …

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How to Boost Your Wi-Fi Network With an Old Router

Connect both routers

Not getting enough WiFi signals in some part of your building? Well, you can buy a powerline adapter or a Wifi repeater to extend your Wireless signals. But if you already have an old router/WiFi modem, then you quickly set it up as a WiFi repeater (video tutorial). No need to …

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