Avoid Cropping on Instagram With This Online Tool

How to Avoid cropping on Instagram

Update: Instagram photos no longer have to be square Instagram only allows square photos. If you upload a landscape image, you will have to crop it. Now there are a plethora of mobile applications that apply padding to the picture and make it square. But what if you are using Instagram …

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How to add business email to Android

How to add business email to Android

Do you have a business email that you will like to access from your Android? Are you looking for a way to set up your work email (like mrinal@receivetipstricks.com) on your Android? Recently Prashant asked me the same question on YouTube and I promised him the solution. So here it’s. …

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Better Replacement Apps for Android (Table)

Best replacement apps for Android

Your new Android comes with dozens of pre-install apps. Some of them are useful while some of them are just bloatware (I am looking at you Samsung) People often don’t realize that there are better alternatives to these stock pre-install apps. For instance, you can replace Google maps with Here …

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25 Best Android Apps Not in the Play Store

Android Apps not Available on Google Play

Apparently, there are more than 1 million Android apps on Google Play store. Some of them are good, others, well not so much. However, due to its strict policies, few apps don’t make it there. And as a result, most of us don’t even know these apps exist. So, let’s …

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The Best Google Chrome Extensions

google chrome extension

Google Chrome is no doubt the fastest browser. But you can make it even better. Meet some of the best Google Chrome extensions to make your browsing experience even better. (Video Tutorial) 1. Grammarly: Correct spelling mistakes, grammatical and punctuation errors. You can also double click on an unfamiliar word to …

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Some Clever Use of Your Old Android Phone

Android cup cake

Do you have an old Android laying around your house? Or are you planning to buy a new one? Whatever be the case, you will have to deal with your old Android phone. Of course selling it is not an option these days. Nobody buys a used device. In most …

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Calm Your Mind With These Guided Meditation Apps

mindful Mediation

Studies has shown, people who meditated daily for 8 week, develop more grey matter in prefrontal cortex (part of the brain associated with higher order of thinking) and shrinks amygdala (our insecure reptilian brain) Just like our body needs rest to stay fit, our mind also needs meditation to stay healthy. I have been …

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The Best Security Apps for Android

Top 5 Security apps for Android

Smartphone is the most personal gadget, we ever had. It stores all your personal information, like address book, chats history, private photos, emails etc. So it does make sense, to secure your Android. Right ? One good thing about Android is — there are apps for everything. If you can …

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Take These Online Personality Tests to Understand Yourself Better

[image] Take this Online Personality Tests to understand your brain

Understanding your psyche is important. It increases your productivity, help you to make the right decision and surround yourself with positive people. But how do I know my personality? Well, you can start by taking online personality tests. Of course, there is a lot of ambiguity around them. Some find them useful; others …

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Simple Ways to Type Faster in Android

Type Faster in Android

Do you know, an average person spend around 3 hours each day with their smartphones. This is like 18 percent of our working life. And since we are already using it that much, it make sense to use it effectively.  Now one way of doing that is by typing faster. Weather …

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