How to Fake GPS Location on Android


You can easily spoof your country on the internet, by using services like free VPN. But what if you want to have more control on your location. Like changing your GPS coordinates to a very particular location in any part of the world. Well, here are some reasons why you …

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How to Access your Router From Anywhere


Accessing your home router from inside the network is easy. You type in router’s IP address (usually or in the web browser, followed by login credentials. And that’s it. But, how about accessing your router remotely? Video Tutorial (recommended) Related: 5 Ways To Kick People Off Your WiFi Network Why …

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4 Ways to Put Movies on Your iPad/iPhone

the video was not copied to your iPad

Transferring videos from computer to any iOS device is not easy. The default video app on your iOS device can only play specific format (mostly mp4) and that too in a specific resolution (720p). But, the videos you download from the internet, are usually in Mkv, Avi, etc. Now, if you try to …

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How to Enable 2 Factor Authentication on WordPress


Imagine this — you get a wake-up call from one of your reader, saying your website is hacked. And all the blog posts are replaced by a cat gif. Sound scary, Isn’t it! Well, having a good username and password is not sufficient these days. You need more. Like the …

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Authy vs google authenticator — Which one is Better?


Authy and Google authenticator, are just two different apps doing the same thing; i.e. making the 2-Factor Authentication simple. These apps generate a time dependent 6 digit code, which you enter after you submit your username and password. If you don’t know what 2FA is and how it works with Authy, …

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How to Use Pocket (Read Later App) Effectively

pocket- read it later

So nowadays, we have access to the amount of information, like no one ever had in the past. Anything you want to know is just a google search away. But still; we never have enough time to read all those useful content we find on the web. And this is where the read later apps …

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How to do Research for YouTube Videos


To succeed in any new business, you need to do either of these two things — build something that people want but no one has made it before. Or if it already exists then make the better version of it. Now, this also holds true for YouTube. If you are just …

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What’s new in Android N?


One of the perks of having a Nexus device is that you are the first one to get the latest Android update. And, believe it or not, yesterday Google surprised everyone by publishing the developer’s preview of the latest — Android N. Usually they released it in Google I/O, which is …

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How to Improve Your Voice Over With Audacity


Good Audio = Practice + Quality equipment + Audio editing. Now, first two, takes time and money, but the third one is easy to master. All you need is a small program called audacity. So, Audacity is a popular audio editing software that has been there for a decade now. …

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Best Educational Apps for Kids

Best apps for kids

When I was a kid, I used to watch television and read comics for fun. Yes, there were retro games (like Super Mario and Contra etc), though that came much later. But things have changed now. Thanks to the technological advancement, the younger generation have a lot of cool stuff …

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