Top 5 Facebook Alternative Apps For iOS Devices


Facebook was initially developed exclusively for the web, and it works great on it. But, the problem lies with mobile. The app, as well as the mobile website, are average, to say the least. Their functionality and performance are not up to the mark, and the app even sucks out …

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Top 5 Parental Control Apps For Android


With time, the Internet has grown to become a rather intimidating place, especially for the unknown. Among them are the innocent teenagers. Children below the age of 16 are the most susceptible to danger on the Internet, as wary strangers on the web can easily exploit them. If the unseen …

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Best Recording Applications For Windows


Screen recording is a handy feature to have when you want to record gameplay videos, tutorial videos to post on Youtube, or maybe a product demo for your clients. Now, there are a plethora of screen recording applications in the market, and all of them share a few basic features such as …

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Mask Your Email Address While Using it on Shady Websites


Consider these situations — You want to signup for a temporary service. You want to contact people on a shady online forum. You have to share your Email address with people you don’t trust. In all the above cases, it makes no sense to use original Email Address. Anyone can do …

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Find Out If The Email You Sent Was Opened Or Not


Do you know, you can find out if the recipient has opened your Email? And no just that, you can also when did they open your mail and on which devices. Sounds cool? Well here is how to do it. In some Email service like Outlook and Exchange, you can …

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How to Quickly Unsubscribe From Bulk Mail


Your inbox is filled with the newsletters, you have subscribed in the past. But now, you want to get rid of these unwanted emails. Now, the traditional way to unsubscribe from a newsletter is – open the promotional email, and click on a small unsubscribe link (usually in the footer). And that will do …

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How to Create Custom Icon Packs on Android


Want to make subtle changes to your favorite icon pack? Like maybe adding a long shadow or grayscale effect. Or even make your own icon pack from the scratch? The usually way of making icon packs is not easy. It takes both — time and an eye for details. Not …

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How to Share Your Real Time GPS Location with Glympse


In Uber, there is a ‘send status to contact’ option which lets you share your real-time location with your loved ones. But what if you are driving your own car or traveling in other public transport? Then how can you send your real-time location? Almost every IM App has a …

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Automatically Copy Selected Text to Clipboard [Chrome]


I do most of my work on the browser. And one thing I have noticed so far is, I usually select text in the browser when I want to copy paste it somewhere. The traditional way of copying text in the clipboard is tedious. First, we highlight the text, next right-click …

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Difference Between YouTube’s Public, Private and Unlisted Videos


When you upload a video on YouTube, you get three video privacy options — Public, Private, and Unlisted. While most of the videos on YouTube are Public, in some cases private or unlisted videos make more sense. So let’s see what exactly is the difference between Public, Private and Unlisted …

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