SBIonline banking : How to login for first time

In Previous post on SBIonline banking we had seen some important things you should know before you start using online banking. In this article we will find out how to register yourself for online banking. In this post I will be using sbbj net banking as an example but other sbi and it’s associates banks will have similar login process.

online banking in sbi

Just follow these simple steps to login for the first time.

Step 1

Get SBI Online Banking Application Form from branch. You will need to fill a simple form and they will provide you will internet kit (sbi kit number) which contain login username and password for SBI Internet Banking

sbi internet kit for  sbi net banking login registration

Bonus Tip

In case of SBI online banking only, you can get the username password directly to your registered mobile no, by clicking on new user click here link  on homepage. You won’t have to visit your branch for the internet kit. See the screenshot below.

sbi online banking registering online

Step 2

Once you have your internet kit, you have to wait for 24 hours for the SBI Online Banking Activation. For SBI Net Banking Sign Up login with the given username and password by going to OnlineSBI Banking Personal Banking.

sbi net banking login registration


Step 3

Change the username and enter the kit no printed on the internet kit.

sbi first time login change username


Step 4

Enter the new login password and confirm the same.

sbi first time loginStep 5

In next step you will have to enter the profile password along with other details. Once you are done click on Submit.

Sbi online banking enter the profile password


Also make sure that you remember (or write it down in piece of  paper) passwords and hint question. You will need them when you have to reset the password.

Step  6

If everything work well, you have now successfully setup your online banking profile. Here is the snapshot on how the homepage will look like.

Sbi online banking homepage


In the next article we will find out how to make fund transfer using online banking.If you still faces any problem feel free to ask through the comments below.

This Video will guide you, on How to login for the first time with online banking.

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