How to add contacts in whatsapp in bluestacks

If you are using whatsapp on your computer then you have add contact manually by going into emulator settings. Even when you use viber on your PC, you need a contact list to see which friend had installed viber.

In short, if you are using program like bluestacks then having a contact list sync is must. Therefore let see an easy way to add contacts from your phone to bluestacks .

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The following video will demonstrate how to import contact list on whatsapp in the latest version (2014)  of Bluestacks.

You will need

1. Backup of your contacts in .vcf file

2. Internet connection and a little patience

How do I import contacts to .vcf file

Vcf or vCard is virtual contact file has become popular contact format. To import contact from your mobile select contacts > export contacts > Phone.

how do i import contacts

Select import to phone instead of gmail

If you are importing contacts from the Google contacts, you may not get contacts in single list. So to convert them into a single vcf file use the following command .

(Open command prompt and navigate to the directory where you have contact files and type in this command)

COPY *.vcf newfile.vcf

Now once you have .vcf file follow these step

Open bluestack and download Astro file manager.

astro file manger in bluestack

Then put the contact list file on the following folder. Here I will be putting .vcf file.

C:\ProgramData\BlueStacks\UserData\SharedFolderMake Sure to check show hidden files option.

Note : To make things simple I using this directory, but if you know your way around bluestacks than you can drop the vcf file anywhere you want, just make sure you can find it later on.

insert contact list on whatsapp
Now go to your astro app that you have install Right now and look for the folder name BstSharedFolder. It can found under sdcard / bstfolder / BstSharedFolder
insert contact list on whatsapp2
Now Go to your whatsapp > contacts > import contacts.
insert contact list on whatsapp 3
Now bluestacks will search for the contact list and once detected, it will update contact automatically.
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