How to Setup a Server on localhost and Install WordPress

WAMP Server  stands for Windows Apache MySQL Php .In this post we will find out install wamp on windows 7 on localhost On Windows.

This we are going to do in 3 parts

1. Download WAMP and WordPress.

2. Creating a database for website.

3. Installing wordpress in localhost.

Follow this simple steps to install wamp on windows 7

1. Download the wamp server and install it into the system.

Wamp server

2. Download the latest version of WordPress

WordPress .

3.Now once you have download them you will need to install wamp server. Run the wamp software , it pretty simple steps just click on next and you will be able to configure it ,

install wamp on windows 7

Installing wamp

4.You will see a small icon a right side of taskbar, click on it and select localhost (wait for it to turn green)

run wamp server

Run wamp server


Open your favourite browser and type in http://localhost.

6. You will see a page like this under tools menu select phpmyadmin. The url should have change to http://localhost/phpmyadmin/

install wamp on windows 7

7.It’s time to create a database for you local website. click  on the database tab enter the database name here i will be using wordpress and click create.

wamp database

8. Open C:\wamp\www and  add a new folder here and name it as wordpress. Now you have to extract file in this wordpress folder.

install wordpress in your localhost

9. Finally you have to create a configure file to install WordPress , go to http://localhost/wordpress on your browser.

You will see the create a configure file , click on it.

root localhost

Enter the following details

Database name     wordpress

Username                root

Password                 (leave it blank)

For rest two keep it default

After filling this form click submit , if everything went well , it will ask you to run the installation , click run the install .

Next screen will ask you to enter your blog title , login username and password.

Congratulation !! you have install wordpress successfully, now login with your username and password


How to install wamp on windows 7 and install wordpress


If your works include running your Website / Project online & working with Multiple location then WAMP server might not be your thing.. Try USBWebserver  it will Simply convert your Pen-drive into web server , so you won’t have to install software on Multiple Computer.


How to Convert Flash Drive Into a Portable Web Server

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