How to install car mods in gta 4 pc (Video)

GTA IV is a amazing game undoubtedly, and could be more amazing with your favorite cars, characters and more. Just follow few steps and install  install car mods in gta 4 pc all by yourself.First of all you’ll need two files:

1. Tool to install mods: SparkIV  [download]

2. Mod you’re going to install

You can download mods from various websites like:,

In this tutorial we are replacing a game car supergt with ASTON MARTIN V12 Vantage* [download here]

*Thanks to smokey8808 for this beautiful car mod.


Now when you’ve both files downloaded you can proceed to further.

  • Open sparkiv.rar, Extract files, and start SparkIV.exe


  • Than click on GTAIV tab and scroll down to GTAIV-pc-models-cdimages(click on it)




  • Now open the required img file, when replacing a vehicle open vehicle.img and it’ll open in a 2nd window like this:



look for the appropriate vehicle and copy the name of the vehicle [here we’ve selected supergt because its also a 2 door car like our v12] and minimize it


  • Now extract files of your downloaded mod and rename* them same to the original you’re going to replace (“supergt” in our case)

*remember don’t change the extension of any file!




Thanks to smokey again for providing the readme file with instructions. There are some handling and colors related tweaks too which are not covered in this tutorial because mod will work pretty good even without those modification. But you can still try them you’ll just have to edit some text files in notepad.



  • Now open your tool SparkIV 2nd window again and click on IMPORT


  • Select your EXTRACTED & RENAMED files and import them* 




*your imported files will turn blue


  • And click REBUILD 


A message will appear with successful rebuild


Thats it! now close everything(or any vehicle wont load in game) and play the game!


Watch this Video Guide on How to install car mods in gta 4

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