How to Install Linux Mint13 from Usb Flash Drive

Not just Linux mint 13 but with Universal-USB-Installer you can install almost all different distribution of Linux.

Why I need to install Linux

If you are thinking of getting a new operating system but not sure then it’s best to first try it before actual installation.

Bypass the windows password. Sometime or the other you may have en-counted the situation when you or your friend have forgot windows password and need to access their drive urgently.

With this small alternate O.S you can access any computer you want.The best part is not over yet, all this you can do in less than 5 min.

So let get started.

Things you will need

1. Usb flash drive (anything more than 1 Gb will do)

2. iso of the Linux distribution you want to install (i will use Linux mint 13 as an example)

3. Software called Universal-USB-Installer


Steps to install Linux

1. Download the iso of Linux you want to try. (Here I will be installing Linux mint 13 for example)

2. Download Universal-USB-Installer  (its small file of 1 Mb) and Run the setup.


3. Plug-ed in you flash drive and format it if necessary.

4. Select the name, source of iso image and the drive letter of flash drive as shown below.

Universal USB Installer 1.9.2

5.  Once the installation is done close and reboot your computer.

6. Press f12 on start up and then select boot form the usb flash drive.

This is it , if everything went well you will be able to work with your new portable operating system



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