Nfs most wanted cheats : How To Get High Textured Graphics Using Mod

Nfs most wanted cheats

If you are a fan of NFS most wanted then you got another reason to love this awesome game! After following the steps below you will have some serious graphic changes in the game, see the screen shot:

All new far camera view

  • If you want these graphics too then you will have to install this mod

INSTALLING  Nfs most wanted cheats : MOD   After download you will have a rar file like this

This is not a single setup file so you will have to install this manually. First open the installation directory of NFS MW (right click on game shortcut and left click on open ‘file location’) Now create a folder: ADDONS and open it

Now create another folder: CARS_REPLACE in it Now open the downloaded rar file and extract the folder ‘LIGHTING’ to this folder (CARS_REPLACE)

Now extract the files (‘modern rockport 1.0.tpf’ , ‘modloader.ini’ & ‘texmod.exe’) to the main installation directory of NFS MW


  • Now all you need is to run the game with mod


After installation launch Texmod.exe (extracted in installation directory of MW earlier) and a small tool will appear. Now click on open icon in TARGET APPLICATION, browse to the installation directory of MW and open SPEED.EXE file

Now click on open icon in SELECT PACKAGE, browse again to the installation directory of MW and select and open MODERN ROCKPORT 1.0.TPF file

That’s it now select MODERN ROCKPORT 1.0 click on RUN! NOTE it can take 1-2 minutes to start, be patient


  • Obviously you need to have the game installed already.
  • And be sure it wont change the resolution of game but you will have some rich gaming experience like new games.
  • The all new far camera option can help you to play game with ease when you can see the more of your street (press C during game play).

  Keep visiting, next time I’ll guide you to change the cars in this game. All new sport cars like BUGGATI VEYRON, KOENIGSEGG AGERA, ASTON MARTIN ONE 77 etc. will be rocking your streets!   IF YOU FACE PROBLEM AT ANY POINT JUST COMMENT BELOW, I AM HERE TO HELP YOU OUT!

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