How to Access Blocked Websites from College?

You are at college getting bored and suddenly your friend message you to check  out  your facebook account for something really cool, and after connecting through college wi fi  you get this :

Access denied!! You don’t have the permission to open this blab blab website on the server!!! contact your network administrator.

No doubt many of you have gone through that.

What type are websites are blocked?

Most of the college and offices blocked facebook , you tube , torrents and pornographic websites generally so that students don’t waste their time . but  some countries they blocked almost everything that is thread to their culture. i understand that sometime their

Is genuine need to open these blocked websites,

Blocked Proxy Website in Saudi Arabia

Blocked Proxy Website in Saudi Arabia (Photo credit: curtis palmer)

You may have notice that some your friends has access to those website that you can’t open, HOW DO THEY DO IT .  In this post i will show you how you can have access to all blocked website.

So here how to do it:

1.Replacing http with with https:

This is it, just add a single ” s “.  My college WiFi has banned facebook , and all students has to do is replace http with https , to open the website.

2.Use proxy website :

Now this is simple all you need to do is open the browser and Google some proxy website. On this website enter the url of blocked website in the box provided and click submit. and that’s it

How do they work?

The concept is simple as well, these proxy websites hide your real Ip so that and one of its own. So instead of  directly sending  request  to the blocked website , your sending request to the proxy website and then it is sending it back  to blocked website. Here are

English: Diagram of a forward proxy.

English: Diagram of a forward proxy.


Top 10 free proxy website :



Less popular the proxy site is more chances that it will work. As they get unnoticed by network filter .

 Try Google translate

It may sound crazy but believe me it is very useful and works most of the time (especially when your network administrator has even blocked the proxy website)

How to do it:

Open google translate.

In the translate box enter the url of blocked website

Translate it from English to English and hit enter.

I tried all this but nothing works, now what should i do?

OK, so your college is smarter than we have guessed, don’t worry just relax we still has a solution for that

Use ultra soft proxy software to access blocked website.In the next post i have posted about how to access any blocked website by using ultrasoft ..



Use Tor Browser Bundle

This the most effective yet simple method to hide identity and Surf Internet Anonymously. I use tor with my college wifi to access torrents and youtube the connection is slow but you can access any blocked websites from Tor.

If you use any other program , let us know by comments.

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