How Much Money Can You Make on YouTube

So much money, can you easily make from YouTube?

  • 100 dollars a month?
  • 1000 dollars a month?
  • 10,000 dollars a month?

Well, if you are looking for these kinds of answer, then this article is not for you. Actually, no genuine person can give you exact figures.

screen shot of Youtube earnig report of Anonymous users
Source: Anonymous

You might have heard YouTubers saying — earning depends on many factors.

So what are these ‘factors’? 

Well, we will come that in a bit. But before that, let’s do a case study.

#1 Pewdiepie- the number one YouTube channel right now, make three to four million dollars every year. I know that’s huge. But most YouTubers don’t even make the quarter of his revenue.

#2 Brandon Campbell — a popular workout coach, said he made some $1300 every month from 600k views. This means roughly $2 for every 1000 views.

#3 Another popular YouTuber Olga Kay, says she earned some $100,000 to $130,000 in past three years. Using social blade, I did some calculation and found out, she get around $5 for every thousand views.

#4 Now if we look at this analytics screenshot from an anonymous YouTuber, for every 6 million views, he or she is making $10,000. If we do the maths, it comes to around $1.6 for every thousand views.

So what did we conclude from this case study?

Well, we learn two things from it. One, Pewdipie makes a fortune out of YouTube. And two, average YouTubers make 1-5$ per 1000 views. Now, from my experience, I can assure you, for most YouTubers it’s around $2 for a thousands video.

But, we have still not talked about the ‘factors’. Right?

Ok, so like I said, there are many variables that dictate how much will you earn from YouTube. Some of them are views, video content, playback location, subscribers etc.

However, before we discuss them in detail, make sure you know the ads basic. i.e. —

How people make money From YouTube?

Google runs a revenue sharing program called Adsense for YouTube. The company shows ads on your videos and you receive a percentage of revenue from advertisement.

Although not confirm, it’s believed that the split is 55-45. So if an advertiser pays 100$ for ads, Google take 45$ for providing you hosting and other stuff while you get 55$. Fair enough!

What type of ads are displayed in YouTube channel?

Basically, there are 2 type of ads. First is the preroll ads, that 20 sec clip that is played before the video and second is the banner ads that pops at the bottom of the video screen.

Various Factors that dictate YouTube earning

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Monetize Views More views not always means more revenue. YouTubers get paid for the number of ads that were played on their video. If visitors use Adblocker or watch it on other websites, then lesser ads will be served. And thus less money.

Playback location Advertiser from the country like US, UK pay more as compared to the advertiser from Asian countries. For instance, a video having 1000 playbacks from US may earn more than a video having 5000 playbacks from India.

Subscribers mean authority. Advertisers pay more to a channel having lakhs or millions of subscribers. Why? well, because they have loyal followers.

Niche What type of advertiser you are targeting. A Samsung’s smartphone ad, on tech channel, will convert better than a cooking channel.

Normal or Premium YouTuber An average YouTubers get only 55 percent of their revenue. However, premium YouTubers, with millions of usually get more CPM.

Others sources Now, I am not even considering this, but once you get a loyal following, you can earn from multiple sources like selling goodies, t-shirts, amazon affiliates, partnering with brands and what not.


There are many factors involve on how much money can you make from YouTube.

But general rule of thumb is:

Remove the last 3 digits of view and multiple the remaining figures from $1-5 depending on the above metric. Usually, it is $1.6.

For instance, if the video has 7, 000,000 views then it’s earning would be between 7000-35,000$. In most cases around $10k.

This video on ProfessorPuppet, conveys the same result, but in a different fashion. According to him, Revenue = Views * .001375. When I applied this to my revenue, the results were extremely close.

To find monthly views for any YouTube channel, use Social blade.



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