Get Back the Default Win 7 Home Basic Appearance Color

This is going to be a short post on how to get back the default color scheme appearance color scheme back to normal.

Today when I was messing out without some of the process in the Display (dwm.exe) , the system crashed and I have to force shutdown my computer . After I restart the system it look complete different, like I was working on some low resolution desktop. The contrast was low and the effects were basic.

Here are some screenshots on how it look before and after crashing of windows.


Windows7 home basic before and after crashing

Windows7 home basic before and after crashing

Although home basic doesn’t provide you with any additional theme, this was new thing to me. Here are few snapshots on how it looks before. Luckily after digging into the problem for an hour I found the solution (surprisingly nothing helps me on the internet), Therefore I decided to write about it, so that others having the same problem don’t have to waste their time like I did.

How to change appearance windows 7 home basic to default

1. Open the control panel and navigate to Control PanelAppearanceDisplay

Control Panel display setting

2. On the left pane select the “change the color scheme” option.

3. From the color scheme menu select the option windows 7 standard. And save changes .

Window Color and Appearance_2012-11-16_16-29-

Simple isn’t it, this is all you need to do and you will get back the default appearance back.  Following article may be useful , If you are looking for a way to customize or change the entire windows home basic theme .


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