5 Most Common Bluestacks Error solved (With Videos)

So your friends told you about this software which is Android-App Installer for PC. And you are really amazed and decided to give it a try. But unfortunately you got some errors like BlueStacks 25000, BlueStacks 2GB Memory Error or even some you may get  BlueStacks Video Card Error.

solving bluestacks error

Well don’t worry I promised you that after reading this article you will able to find BlueStacks Error 25000 Work Around. Although before we start it’s important to have powerful system so that you can run bluestacks properly. So what do I mean with powerful system, Well you should have atleast 3-4GB, 2.4 GHz processor and running Win7 or 8. I haven’t try mac so not sure if this will work on mac or not.

Check out this Guide if you are looking to install Whatsapp on Bluestacks. I have made this video after user request on the latest version of bluestacks.


The basic reason behind such installations error is that bluestack is at beta stage which means they are testing it for bugs and constantly fixing it with there new version.

So it’s always advisable to download the latest version of bluestack from www.bluestacks.com

Following are common Bluestacks Error


1.Graphic Card Error

Bluesacks currently doesn’t recognize your graphic card.It is possible your graphic drivers may need to be updated, Please update them and try installing again

This is major Problem with most of the users. Since bluestack Run android app on Pc it required good quality of graphic card and Physical memory.

Reason There are two type of Graphic card

  1. Microsoft’s proprietary Direct3D >>used to run windows
  2. OpenGL >>used to Run android Programs

Now if you don’t update your windows regularly , Then openGL didn’t get updated as often as direct3D so you need to do that manually.


  • Clean uninstall using a software like Revo Uninstaller and Reinstall latest version of bluestack.
  • Keep your system on charging mode and set power option to high performance to make sure that your Graphic is running. 
  • Update your Graphic card by going to My computer >> right click and select manage >> device management >>Display adapter >> double click on version of your GPU >> Drivers >>Update Drivers.

If you still get this error again then wait for this newer version of bluestacks.

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2. Downloading Runtime Data Error

Downloading Runtime Data Error

Downloading Runtime Data Error

Bluestacks Stucked on downloading runtime data .I got this error while installation bluestacks in my friends computer.This error has nothing to do with your system hardware

Reason Bluestack server Problem


Stop the current installation

Download Revo uninstaller from here and uninstall bluestacks.

uninstaller from here and uninstall bluestacks.

Now download the fresh copy of bluestacks from bluestacks.com

Authors Note

Many people have mail me with this code “ bluestacks error 25000  ” therefore I have decided to look into that and finally come up with 2 solutions. Check them out here.

3. Failed to Connect to Server

No app found Please check your internet connection and try again

You May have got this error very often while installing apps from the stores.

Reason : Since it’s in beta stage bluestacks server is not working properly and it might connection issue.

Solution : You can reconnect your internet and try again after some time , this is only a temporary problem and get fix easily.

4. Can’t Access  Hard Drives from BlueStacks

I have found this Problem on some newer version of bluestack there is no directly option to open the file from the Application.


You can either Drag and drop the file to bluestack you want to sent.

Find detail explanation here

Bluestack: Insert Profile picture in Whatsapp

If the above method didn’t workout for you then you can install file manager like Astro file manager and browse you files through that.

Read More here

Blustack: How to Import Contact List to Whatsapp

5. At Least 2GB physical memory

Many users claim that they 100 Gb of free space in there hard disk but still getting this error, well first of all physical memory is equivalent used for RAM . So if you have old computer with less Ram it won’t work.


Upgrade or buy new ram for your system.

At initial stage bluestack only used to required 1 Gb of Ram but now they have upgraded it with 2 Gb ram in latest bluestack installer. So if you can’t update your RAM then look for the old setup of bluestack with 1 Gb of ram requirement over the internet.

Author’s note

If you have still not found what you are looking ,then mail it to me (use contact form) with subject Bluestacks Error and your system details in the body. I will get back to you within 24 hours.

P.S Don’t comment your problem in the comment section below as it’s there are already many comments and it’s hard for me to maintain them.

I hope you find this article useful. I am trying to keep this article up to date, so if you have anything that work for you then let me know. I will update this post, so that others can benefit from it. Thanks

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