BlueStacks Cloud Connect Pin – synchronize Android Apps on PC

Update 2014 : Before you proceed read this. This article has not been update for a long time. So it may not work now. The reason being inefficiency of the app working in all platform and lack of support from developer.

BlueStacks Cloud Connect

In this quick tutorial we will find out how to synchronize your Android Apps with your desktop computer. For this you will need an app called bluestacks install into your computer and another .apk app called bluestacks cloud connect install into your android devices.

If you have already install bluestack then you only need to install the .apk app on your android device.

Sync Android Apps on PC

1. Download and install bluestack on your system from

2. Once install click on the setting button on the home page of bluestack and select cloud connect.

Enter your email address and mobile no to get the channel pin for bluestacks.

bluestack cloud connect pin

Bluestack cloud connect pin

So now you have the channel pin you need to enter it into your android for synchronization, for that install bluestack cloud connect app to your android device.

Google lets you two methods to install app

  1. From android devices using play store
  2. From PC by remotely login to your computer.

Get BlueStacks Cloud Connect

Install it in your android and enter the channel pin. This is it now you can select the app from the list that you would like to synchronize with your computer.

BlueStacks Cloud Connect on android

BlueStacks Cloud Connect on android

Here is the video I have made about bluestacks cloud connect. It was uploaded on Jan 2012, so it may not work now. But hopefully you can get some idea.

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