How to Block Certain YouTube Channels

Say, you stumble upon a new YouTube channel and binge-watch some of its videos. Now, YouTube will assume, you liked this channel and from next time onwards, you’ll see that channel’s recommendation on your home screen and sidebars. This happens even if you have not subscribed to that channel.

Now, in most cases, this is relevant, but sometimes (and it happens more) you just don’t wish to see recommendations from that channel, just because you have watched some of its videos. Or say, you want to permanently blacklist YouTube channels so that no one can play its video.

There is an option to remove a video from your YouTube’s homepage. Simply, click on the 3 vertical dots below the video and select remove. But this will remove only that particular video, you will still see other videos from that channel.


But thankfully, there are 2 easy ways to block certain YouTube channel.

Method 1: Block Recommendation from YouTube channels

#1 Open the YouTube channel you want to remove from your suggestion

#2 Go to the about page

#3 Click on the drop down icon near the send message box and select block user.

Block Certain YouTube Channels

#4 Confirm the changes and that’s it. From now on, you’ll not see any video suggestion from that particular channel. But, you can still search for their channel and watch their videos.

To unblock channel, go to your community settings and remove them.

What happens to Block user?

Once you block a particular YouTube channel, they won’t be able to comment on your channel. (Actually, they will see their comment published from their end, but others will not see it. So, if you are blocking fellow YouTubers, keep this in mind.

Method 2: Permanently blocked YouTube Channel

If you are a Chrome user and you want to permanently block certain YouTube channels, such that they neither appear as a suggestion and nor can not search for their channel name then use this chrome extension called– video blocker.

Here you get the advanced option like blocking video directly from the video link or blocking videos based on keywords in their title. Even if you copy paste the URL while you are logged in your Google account, it’ll still not play the blacklisted video. Useful if you have kids at your home.

video-blocker for YouTube video

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