Best Smartphones in range of 10000 rs India 2012

In this article you will find out four very popular smartphone range 10000 rs that you should go for , if you are looking for budget smart phones in India

Why a Smartphone?

Well the answer is quite simple, get smarter!!! Get a Smartphone!! If sending message and receiving calls is what you what from your phones then Smartphone is strictly no no for you but here I will give top 5 reason to buy a Smartphone’s.

  • Lots of APPS
  • Social Networking
  • Better mobile Internet
  • Gps
  • Take study lesson

Which Smartphone should I go for ?

Android, BlackBerry,or Windows Phone !!!

This is most killing question that people had in their mind before buying a Smartphone.And you will be surprised to know that only you what is best for you. Choose the one which best meets your requirement. If you looking for flaunt buy a stylizing looking one and for those who really want to do some hardcore stuff then a good processor is must.

However there are certain things you should consider before buying any smart phone.

  1. Its processor and ram
  2. Battery
  3. Operating system
  4. Screen Resolution
  5. Cost, camera and connectivity

1.Samsung Galaxy Ace

10000 INR

Consider as a basic smartphone , Ace comes up with every feature that smartphone should have .



Works fine with 3.5 inch big screen with 5 mp camera.


278 MB RAM and low internal memory, 180 MB is quite disappointing

2. Sony Tipo

10000 INR

Well Sony is always know for best quality, so how can we miss this one.

If you have little more budget then go for this one. For 9.5 k you cannot get better than this.

Sony Xperia tipo

Sony Xperia tipo (Photo credit: xjieke)



Apart from quality music (VERY LOUD SPEAKER), camera it looks damn sexy .This is not it you will get 1500 MAH battery with android 4.0 (only Smartphone under 12k).


If you are looking for big screen then this probably may not be your thing, sony tipo comes with 3.2 inches. Another one is 860 MHz processor which I think is quite low for hardcore gamer.

Micromax Canvas 2 A110

10500 INR

Although I am not a big fan of micromax , I had to include this one in the list. Why ? read along and you will find out ..


Micromax Canvas 2 A110


Well I should put in this way, this thing is big.. With huge 5 inch LCD screen and long-lasting 2000 mAh battery.

Wait this is not all you also get 8 MP primary and 0.3 MP front facing camera.


Only disadvantage with them is the brand name. Otherwise you can never get such things for this price.

 4. Nokia Lumia 610

12000 INR

A.k.a entry level budget windows phone is for all those who want to buy a Smartphone and not really into android.

Nokia Lumia 610 in hand

Nokia Lumia 610 in hand (Photo credit: RafeB)


Large screen 3.7 with awesome capacitive touch. 256 Gb free cloud- storage space with Microsoft SkyDrive also an eye catching feature.


The single core 800 MHz processor caused it to slow down a bit sometimes, If you are switching from android then you may find fewer apps available for Windows.

 5. Nokia 500

For all those who love Nokia and it’s design , but think Lumia is little but out of their price money ,this might be the right thing for you

12000 INR

Nokia 500 (Black)

Nokia 500 (Black)


If you are not interested in Android then this might be you thing. It offer great responsive capacitive touch in 3.2 inches screen. And 1 GHz ARM11 Processor works great.


5 mp camera but sadly no flash and sometimes you may find Low Memory problem.


If all the aspects are combine together like price , looks , features and performance then i will suggest you to go for Sony Tipo 

, after using it for a while i found it to the best available smart phones under the 10 k . Do let me know if i had miss some other that should be included in the list with your valuable comments.


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