Beginners Guide-Optimize Website for mobile Devices Free

Why Mobile Friendly Site

According to report published by google mobile search shows more potential then desktop . Searching from Smartphones for the quick information are soon going to overtake desktop usage.


So if your mobile is not mobile friendly you will losing out from your competitors. With so much advancement in the mobile search it becomes very important to make your websites responsive to mobile devices as well.

With increase in mobile search google has also introduces a new section called mobile in google analytics to help the webmasters.

Mobile section - Google Analytics
Mobile section – Google Analytics

Problems with unfriendly mobile websites

  • Screen size : hard to navigate and zoom in.
  • Resolution : difficult to read the text
  • Take more time to load than usual .
  • Important details are not easily found

And you will be shocked to know out that most of the website look horrible on mobile. So it time to find out

How Does Your Website Look on Different Mobile Phones

Go to the offermobi and select the mobile devices and type in the url of your website and hit go. One thing i like about this websites is that it offers a lots of mobile phones options. [ilink url=”” style=”info”]Preview website via offermobi[/ilink]


How are good are they ?

After trying offermobi ,I went on checking for how accurate were their result . and you know what I was impressed . here are some screenshots. Alternate Another wonderful desktop utility is GoMo meter .

Optimize Your Website for Mobile Devices

Avoid flash

If you are building your websites then prefer html5 themes instead of flash. This will keeps the feel of original sites.

WordPress plugin

If you are running your blog on wordpress then used to plugin wptouch . You can use Wp-tap detector to redirect your wordpress blog to separate mobile version your websites

GoMo meter

Test your websites using google ready GoMo meter and find out what message does it send to users.

GoMoMeter test your websites

 Types of visitors

Understand your visitors and provide accurate info to them always include your contact info and use less images as possible.

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