5 Funny Computer pranks to Impress Your Friends

Here we will see some Funny Computer pranks  that will definitely blow your friend’s mind off. All you need is couple of minutes alone with your friend’s laptop.

cool idea

1. WTH are my icons ?

different icons

This computer prank is pretty old school. but works every single time.

What is the prank?

Desktop Icons will not respond to the double click.

How is this done

  1. Close all the applications on the laptop.
  2. Take a screenshot of desktop using printscreen key (key above backspace key).
  3. Open paint and paste it. Then save the picture.
  4. Finally make it your background wallpaper, but before doing that right click on desktop >> view >> uncheck show desktop icon.

This is it. Now watch the expression on your friend’s face when he comes back  😀

Watch this video on how to make icons not responding to mouse click.

2. The damn shutdown


Warning : Ok I must warn you first, this one is wild, use it at your own risk. 

What is the computer trick?

Your friend’s laptop will get restart automatically in every minute .

How is this done?

This has two parts. First we have make a code to shutdown computer and then we have to execute it each time the computer boots.

Part I

Copy following code into notepad and save it as Prank.bat .

Shutdown –r –t 60

Explanation of code

Shutdown is command, “r “means restart you can use “s” for shutdown, 60 is time in sec. Like if you want time to be 5 min then use 300 instead of 60.

Part II

Second step we have to move prank.bat folder in startup folder. To find startup folder go to start >> programs >> startup. Now cut and paste prank.bat into startup folder.

3. Virus detected


What is this computer tips tricks ? 

When your friend clicks on Google chrome icon on his desktop a black screen will pop up warning him of virus detection and hard disk have to be formatted to restore windows.

Don’t worry it’s just a piece of code and complete safe to use.

How is it done?

You have make a batch file with given command and then make him click that by disguising it with Google chrome icon.

  1. Copy the following code to notepad and save as a prank.bat

@echo off
echo Access Denied! Your Computer is infected
echo -
echo Do not attempt to quit.
echo System check
echo -
echo -
echo Power - FAILED
echo -
echo -
echo -
echo -
echo -
echo Breach of IP adress
echo -
echo Firewall - FAILED
echo -
echo Virus attaining: 192.168.XX.X
echo -
echo Hard drive must be erased and rebooted to resume windows.
echo -
echo -
echo Starting to reboot hardrive.
echo -
echo Restart after 10 minutes approximately.
start troubleshooting.bat

2. Now go to Google image and type Google chrome icon and save the image that looks like chrome icon to your desktop.

3. To change the format from .jpg to .ico, we can use online .ico image converter like  icoconverter.

(or you can use the link at the end of post for direct download)

4. Save the .ico file to desktop, Now change the icon image of prank.bat to this Google icon that we have downloaded, to do this right click the folder >> properties >> customize .

But you won’t see the customize tab in the properties so you will have to first make it’s shortcut and then change the icon of the shortcut to google chrome.

Download the google chrome icon.

4. Your computer has been hacked.


Copy this code to notepad

X=MsgBox("Error while opening.Do you want to fix this problem?",4+64,"My Computer")
X=MsgBox("This problem can not be fixed!",0+48,"My Computer")
X=MsgBox("Virus Detected on Your Computer!Do you want to scan your PC?",3+16,"Virus Alert")
X=MsgBox("Access Denied!Virus is Activated",2+16,"Virus Alert")
X=MsgBox("Virus is copying Your Passwords.........",2+48,"Virus is Activated")
X=MsgBox("Deleting System Files..........",2+16,"Virus is installed on Your System")
X=MsgBox("A harmful Virus is deleting your files.Do you want to stop this?",4+32,"Window Defender")
X=MsgBox("Access Denied! Your Computer is infected",0+16,"Virus Alert")
X=MsgBox("You can not access your computer anymore",2+16,"Your Computer is Hacked")


Save it as chrome.vbs and save it on the desktop, and disguise it with some icon.

5. Office Tricks

 office pranks

This computer tips tricks works best on places where there are many computer placed next to each other.

You can:

  1. Interchange the keyboard / mouse cable of two computers.
  2. For old computers that has ps/2 cable connected to their cabinet, you can put the keyboard cable to mouse port and vice versa.. Now every time the computer boot it will show an error massage of device not found.
  3. Stick a tape to the bottom sensor of mouse.
  4. Edit the mouse setting, by default right clicks is primary click used mainly for selection. And if you make the right click his left click and vice versa, this will drive him nuts. He will eventually figure it out but until it will be fun watching it.


These are some of my favorite one, Have you tried some other pranks which was not mention in this post ? If yes then share with me via comment below.


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