Where to find Paid Android Apps on Sale

Everyone love discounts. Remember, when the nova launcher prime was sold for 10 cents. Or when Cerberus- the popular anti-theft app for Android, was giving away free lifetime licenses to the early birds. So, do you often miss deals like that? Earlier, before buying a paid app, I used to add them to my Google […] Read more

Pocket Cast v/s Podcast Addict | What to choose?

I like podcasts. It’s the easiest way to consume information. You can listen to it while you driving to work, doing household chores or before falling asleep. Now, If you haven’t listened to podcasts or audiobook before, then this video will get you started. However, if you are doing this for a while, then I […] Read more

How to Run 2 Whatsapp in one Phone

WhatsApp has deeply integrated with our life. People use it for both personal and professional use. For instance- many local stores now accept orders on WhatsApp; folks on buy/sell sites like olx are openly sharing their WhatsApp number. But, for people like me, who like to keep their personal and professional life separate, it does […] Read more

Safely Lend your Phone to Someone You Don’t Trust

Let’s consider some of these situations– #1 A stranger wants to borrow your phone to make an emergency call. Now at this point, you don’t trust that guy but it would also be rude not to lend him your phone. What if, he speaking the truth? But then again, he could also be a scammer, trying to hack […] Read more

How to Fake GPS Location on Android

You can easily spoof your country on the internet, by using services like free VPN. But what if you want to have more control on your location. Like changing your GPS coordinates to a very specific location in any part of the world. Well, here are some reasons why you may want to fake your […] Read more

How to Access your Router From Anywhere

Accessing your home router from inside the network is easy. You type in router’s IP address (usually in the web browser, followed by correct login credentials. And that’s it. But, do you know, you can also access your router remotely? Video Tutorial (recommended) Why Access your router remotely? #1 Your parents ask you to fix […] Read more

4 Ways to Put Movies from Computer to iPad or iPhone

Transferring videos from computer to any iOS device is not easy. The default video app on your iPhone or iPad can only play specific format (mostly mp4) and that too in a specific resolution (720p). However, the videos you download from the internet, are usually in Mkv, Avi, etc. Now, if you try to put these videos on […] Read more

Find Out Who’s Connected to Your WiFi

Your router’s lights are blinking but no one is using it. Or you are not getting the internet speed, you paid for. Then, chances are, your neighbor is using your WiFi without your knowledge. But how can you confirm it? Finding out who is connected to your WiFi network is easy. Basically, you have to install […] Read more

How to Enable 2 Factor Authentication on WordPress

Imagine this — you get a wake-up call from one of your reader, saying your website is hacked. And all the blog posts are replaced by a cat gif. Sound scary, Isn’t it! Well, having a good username and password is not sufficient these days. You need more. Like the second line of defense. And […] Read more

Authy vs google authenticator — Which one is Better?

Authy and Google authenticator, are just two different apps doing the same thing; i.e. making the 2-Factor Authentication simple. These apps generate a time dependent 6 digit code, which you enter after you submit your username and password. If you don’t know what 2FA is and how it works with Authy, then first watch this video […] Read more