Avoid cropping on Instagram with this online tool

Instagram only allows square photos. If you upload a landscape image, you will have to crop it. Now there is a plethora of mobile applications that apply padding to the image and make it square. But what if you are using Instagram on your computer? You can easy do that on image editing software like […] Read more

How to add business email to Android

Do you have a business email that you will like to access from your Android? Are you looking for a way to set up your work email (like mrinal@receivetipstricks.com) on your Android? Recently Prashant asked me the same question on YouTube and I promised him the solution. So here it’s. Step 1: Open your Email app. […] Read more

The Best root apps for Android

Though you no longer have to root your Android for basic stuff (like taking screenshot or recording screen). But still, if you want to feel the true power of your device, you will have to root it. Recently, I published a video on YouTube on 10 reasons you should root your Android. So here are […] Read more

Better Replacement Apps for Android (Table)

Your new Android comes with dozens of pre-install apps. Some of them are useful while some of them are just bloatware (I am looking at you Samsung) People often don’t realize that there are better alternatives to these stock pre-install apps. For instance, you can replace Google maps with Here maps. It works same as […] Read more

Quickly copy text from Cmd in Windows

Unlike Mac and Linux, Windows don’t have any direct copy-paste option on cmd. Although this will change in Windows 10, but for now, you can try this workaround. 1. Right click on the cmd window and select mark option. 2. Now use your mouse pointer to select text. 3. Once done press enter. And that’s it. Selected […] Read more

Best Android Apps not on Google Play

Google play host millions of Android apps but due do its strict policies, some apps often get rejected. For instance, apps that can stream movies online, do shady stuff on the network, make system level changes to your device or even apps that play YouTube video in the background are no-no on Google Play. Good Android Apps […] Read more

The Best Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome is no doubt the fastest browser. But you can make it even better. Meet some of the best Google Chrome extensions to make your browsing experience even better. 1. Grammarly: Correct spelling mistakes, grammatical error, incorrect use of punctuation mark and a lot more. You can also double click on an unfamiliar word to […] Read more

Some clever use of your old Android phones

Do you have an old Android laying around your house? Or are you planning to buy a new one? Whatever be the case, you will have to deal with your old Android phone. Off course selling it is not an option these days. Nobody buys a used device. In most cases, it will just end […] Read more

Comparing 4 best Offline Maps Apps for Smartphones

While traveling to a new city, it’s always a good idea to have an offline maps. There are several advantages to that, for instance: No need to spend money on data while on roaming Offline maps works even when there are no signal Offline maps are faster and save battery There are many apps that […] Read more