Prioritize Downloading in Multipart torrent

torrent Torrent junkie for torrent lands writes, Dear RTT, I am downloading a TV show from torrent, it has around 20 episode. When I start the download, all files were downloading concurrently. But I want to download the files in order, for instance, first the episode 1 should download, followed by episode 2 and so on. […]

How to use WhatsApp from your computer- Officially

use WhatsApp from your computer Finally WhatsApp has announced the most awaited feature – WhatsApp web. This enable you to send and receive WhatsApp messages directly from your PC/MAC.  This is great features introduced for people like me- who are more attach to their computer than their smartphones. This also enable you to send bulky pictures from your computer, directly to […]

Tips & Tricks To Effectively Browse Wikipedia

Quickly lookup a word on wikipedia In mid 90′s Microsoft announced a project called – Encarta. It was an encyclopedia inform of books and cd, that would have information about everything. The company knew what they were doing and how to do it. They had all the resources. But things doesn’t work out for them. And in 2009 Microsoft closed the entire […]

Easily Find Full Length Movies on YouTube

Full length movies on YouTube Everyone like movies. And once in a while, we all get an urge to watch a good movie. But going to movie theater is not always an option, even downloading movies for torrent take times. So if you to watch movie right now, then streaming movies online is the only best option. The problem with […]

Why Screenshot Are Always Saves As Png ?

Why screenshot are always saves as png A screenshot is an image of your current screen of computer, mobile or high end devices. And if you ever notice all screenshot whether if it’s capture on iPhone, Android, Macbook or PC are always save as .png format. Now of course you can change the default extension (.png) to something else like jpg or […]

10 Less know Mac keyboard shortcuts

mac keyboard shortcuts Everyone loves keyboard shortcuts. And why shouldn’t they ? It’s the quickest way of GTD (getting things done) on computers. I personally like keyboard shortcuts because of 2 reason: 1. Time saver: Switching hand between mouse and keyboard, take too much time. Whereas using the keyboard shortcuts is faster. Thus more work in less time. 2. […]

Different ways to record your Android screen

android Recording Android screen nowadays, is like taking screenshot in early days of android. Remember ! how one would have to root their device just to take screenshot. And now taking screenshot is a built-in feature for most Android. But what about screen recording? You may want to record your Android screen for couple of reasons. […]

What to do when you forget to log out of your Google account ?

What to do when you forget to log out of Google account Everyone has Google account. And there is no reason, why not to have one. It’s needed to enjoy, Google based services like Play Store, Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive etc etc. And it goes without saying that, how important it’s to secure one’s Google account. It’s always a good to have complex password, enable 2-step authentication and most importantly […]

Everything You Need To Know About WhatsApp Plus

Everything You Should Know About WhatsApp Plus Everyone uses WhatsApp these days, It’s the most popular messenger app, that lets you send messages with no extra cost. Like many others, I am too a big fan of WhatsApp messenger and have published many article on WhatsApp tips & tricks. But today, we will  talk about WhatsApp plus and not WhatsApp. Although many […]

15 Things You Didn’t Know Your ES File Explorer Can Do

es file explore tips and tricks ES file explorer is a popular file manager app; that everyone has, but no one uses it quite well. On the surface it looks like a regular file manager app, meant for managing your files on android. But you will surprised to see its potential. For instance - you can take backups & uninstall multiple apps […]