Swift Premium Theme Review After Using for 1 Year

Since you are reading this, I am guessing you are searching for premium theme for your WordPress blog. And if you landed here from Google than, swift theme has certainly caught your attention. Right ? So without beating around the bush, let just talk about swift theme. Swift Video Review  So, I have been using swift premium […]

Take this online Quiz to read Body Language better

Research studies have shown that major part of our communication is non-verbal; which constitute of only 7% words and rest 93% are gestures and expressions. And since most of what we communicate is done though body language, it has become really important to size people based on their facial expression rather relying on words. And to improve the skill of […]

Check if Your Website is Mobile Friendly or not

Gone are the days, when people only browse website from their computer. As smartphone users are increasing day by day, we see more and more traffic comes from mobile users. With introduction of mobile friendly label, in Google search results; rumor has it, that next Google update, will reword mobile friendly website. And since one’s gain […]

How to stay productive while working from home

Nowadays many bloggers and freelancers have start working from home. Even some start-up have this super cool  ’work from anywhere’ policy. But as cheesy it sounds, believe me ‘working from home’ is not easy. And only few people are able to stay productive in long run. Working for home has its own pros and cons. For instance […]

Easily Setup Picture to your Phone Contact using Whatsapp

Identifying person by looking at their photo is easier than reading their name on the small screen. Plus you get personalize feeling, when you see a familiar face. So who won’t like to see caller’s picture, when making and receiving calls on your smartphone ? But the traditional way of setting up display pictures for every contact is tedious […]

How To Hide Whatsapp picture/videos from your Gallery

Everyone has those ‘nosey friends or sibling’ who browse through your person stuff in your smartphone. And admit it, the first thing that you dont’ want them to see is - Whatsapp. Right ! Even if you lock Whatsapp with third-party app like AppLock, your whatsapp’s photos/videos still appears in your gallery. Off course you can even lock your entire gallery, […]

Workaround to Remove Blue Ticks on WhatsApp

Update Nov 14: As predicted whatsapp has made the ‘read feature’ optional in it’s latest update. (Version 2.11.444 for android) Update your whatsapp from your store or download whatsapp’s android apk from it’s official website and you will find this new option to turn off ‘blue ticks’ under settings > accounts > privacy settings. Video : […]

Share Files Between Mac and PC

If you are following my updates on Instagram, then you may have notice the MacBook, that I brought few weeks back. And the first problem I faced with my new MacBook was, How do I transfer files to new computer ie. from Windows to Mac. Watch this Video Tutorial (recommended) Related: How to share files between two PC […]

Learn The Art of Talking to Your Barber (Video)

So you not satisfied with your last haircut? Well you are not alone. Most people don’t know, what exactly should they say to their barber. Worry no more ! Guy at Art of Manliness published a useful How-to video, where they have explain how to talk to your barber. This quick video explains what to say to […]

Facebook Tips & Tricks That no one Told You About

In its Q3 2014 earnings report, Facebook not only vows to serve it’s user better in the coming years but also reveled that they have crossed 1.35 billion monthly active users. And, since you are reading this article there is good chances of you being the part of this sizable number. Right ? So, as you are already […]