Facebook Tips & Tricks That no one Told You About

Identify Fake People on Facebook via Fakeoff In its Q3 2014 earnings report, Facebook not only vows to serve it’s user better in the coming years but also reveled that they have crossed 1.35 billion monthly active users. And, since you are reading this article there is good chances of you being the part of this sizable number. Right ? So, as you are already […]

Top 5 Ways to Extract apk From Android (NO ROOT)

android unable to login There are many ways to extract .apk file from your Android Device (video tutorial). But most of them requires you to root your smartphones like when you are using  Android SDK to extract apk, you have to root your android.  But in this article you will find 5 different ways to extract apk from android easily and […]

The Unethical Guide to Spy on Your Competitors Website

Spy on Your Competitors Website A webmaster often wants to know more about their competitor’s website. For instance as a website owner, you may want to know where a perticular website is hosted, how much traffic they are getting, which keywords are they ranking for or what WordPress theme and plugins they are using etc etc. Although, you can always […]

3 Simple Ways To Download Facebook Videos

How to Download Facebook videos So you wants to download videos from Facebook, Right ? But the Question is how ? If the video you want to download on Facebook is hosted on YouTube video, then you can download them easily using this workaround for PC and this for android. But if the video is uploaded on Facebook server; then this trick is not going to work. But lucky there are handful of […]

How to Download Photos From Facebook Page (Video)

download images FROM FACEBOOK’S PAGES There are many web apps and browser extension to bulk download Facebook album of you or your friends. But fortunately or unfortunately, there is no guide which tells you how to download photos from Facebook page. Off course you can download the images one by one by right clicking on those photos but this if you want to download […]

How to Quickly Uninstall Android Apps

QUICKLY UNINSTALL ANDROID APPS Having too many apps installed in your android;  not only consume your internal storage but also slow down your device. So if you want to make your android run faster you will have to uninstall the apps that you don’t use anymore. Watch this video tutorial on how to quickly uninstall Android apps, or scroll down […]

Things You Should Know About Flipkart Affiliate Program

Flipkart Affilate Program Flipkart, is a popular Indian eCommerce website that sells everything from low price books to expensive television sets. And like many other eCommerce giants, flipkart also offer a affiliate program for internet markets, blogger or pretty much any internet power user who wants to make some extra cash. How flipkart affiliate works ? Just like any other affiliate programs, first you will have to sign […]

Never Miss a Birthday: Import Facebook Birthdays to Google Calendar

Never Miss a Birthday: Import Facebook Birthdays to Google Calendar Even though Facebook remind us of our friend’s birthday, I am sure many of you still prefer to wish your close friends personally over the phone. I always wish my friends right on time and have been doing this for 1 year, without missing a single birthday. So what is secret of not forgetting friend’s birthdays ? Yes you […]

Use Project Naptha to Copy and Edit Text Inside Images

project naptcha copy and edit text on the images So finally we have an online tool or better called it chrome extension that can copy, erased or even change & translate text present inside an image. Even tough there are tools like GT text and OneNote that can copy the text from images, but they still lack the support to edit or translate text. Thus making this chrome […]

Things you Should Know if you are Using Snapchat

snapchat Started as a small college project, in Stanford classroom and now share 700 million photos per day; there is no doubt snapchat is one of biggest mobile app in the industry. However it is not only the hottest but also the most controversial mobile messaging apps in the market today. So if you are new […]