Hide/Unhide Extension Icons from Chrome Toolbar

When you install a new chrome extension, its icon automatically appears in the toolbar. This feature is useful when you want to quickly access the extension with a single click. But there are many extension (like Adblock, LastPass etc) where you don’t have to click, in order to use them. They simply run in the background. So […]

How to Send your Location (GPS coordinates) to Someone

For someone with a poor sense of directions, online maps are a godsend. Simply ask the person to send his/her GPS location and you can meet them right at that place. No need to waste time explaining the address. However, this is a two-way street. If you or your friend doesn’t know how to send […]

How I Removed Malware From my WordPress Site

So, a strange thing happened yesterday. Like every other day, I went to my office and open RTT, first thing in the morning. But, when the site finished loading, I was shocked to see dozens of spam links all over the web page. These URLs were linking to shady torrent sites, and making the entire […]

See What’s Taking up Space on Your Hard Drive

A 32GB iPhone cost $100 more than its 16GB variant, with no difference in specs. Similarly, SSDs are more expensive than HDDs but offer less storage. So, if you are one of those, whose smartphone has a small internal memory or if you are running an SSD on your computer, then here is how you […]

Make your Devices Read Out Text, With Text to Speech

I read a lot of articles every day, but sometimes, I prefer listening to them instead. This way is quicker, put less strain on eyes, and you can do it anywhere. For instance, I often listen to my saved articles on Pocket, before going to bed. Similarly, if you are a beginner writer, you can use […]

Use Mac’s Preview App like a Pro with These Tips & Tricks 

Mac’s Preview app is like a swiss army knife. On the surface, it may look like a regular image viewer. But, only when you dig in little deeper, you’ll see how useful it can get. Every once in a while, I discover something new in the preview. For instance — you can encrypt a PDF file, make […]

How to Find your Router’s IP Address

Every router has a configuration page which you can access by a web browser. There, you can see the list of all devices connected to your network, monitor their internet usage, and even limit their bandwidth. But, to access that configuration page, you first need to know the router’s IP address or the default gateway. […]

What is MAC address and How to Find it

So, you are trying to connect to a new WiFi, but even though you have the correct password,  it’s not working. And when you bring this issue to the network admin, he smiled and simply ask for your device’s MAC address. So what is a MAC address and how can you find it? Well, in very […]

A Simple Way to Extract Text From Images And Printouts

There are times when you want to extract text from images. For instance — You found an interesting image with a quote, and you want to copy its text; Extract mobile number and email form a business card; Modify a printed document but without writing it from the scratch; or You simply want to extract text from a write protected PDF file. […]