Where to Find Free Background Music For YouTube Videos

Free Background Music For YouTube Videos So you have created an awesome video for your YouTube channel. Now all you need is a right music. But sadly you can’t find any copyright free music. So you are left with two option you can either continue your search for free background music or use music that don’t belong to you. Let see […]

Which Is A Proper Way To Close Android Apps ?

android back button vs home button Mr Curious wrote, Dear RTT, I am using Android from a long time now, and I always wonder which is the correct way to close an app on Android? I know one can use the Home button or Back button to closes the app, I have also seen few people using task killer to close an apps. but if […]

How To Pay Electricity Bill Online in India

Pay Electricity Bill Online Long gone are the days when you have to stand in lines to pay your bills. Now even in India, you can pay most (govt/private) bills online. Paying bills online will not only save some time but if repeated over a long time also save small cost on fuels, paper receipts etc. On the other […]

Quicker Way To Unlike Multiple Pages On Facebook

How to Quickly Unlike Multiple Facebook Pages From now to the time you have joined Facebook, you have liked several Facebook Pages. And it’s no wonder that most of them no longer interest you anymore. Although You can like up to 5,000 Pages on Facebook, (source) that may look like a big number to most of you, but trust me if you are […]

A Chrome Extension To Add Dislike Button On Facebook

how to add dislike button on Facebook Maybe dislike button will help us to get rid of annoying things of Facebook, may it won’t. Maybe it will help Facebook to serve better targeted ads, or maybe it won’t. Facebook is going integrate Dislike button or not ? That is something, only they can answer. Should Facebook introduce a dislike button or not, […]

10 Websites To Discover New Music Based On What You Like

Websites To Find New Music Why music makes us happy? Researches has shown, music releases a chemical in the brain, called dopamine which is responsible for making us happy. (1) Most of us, like to listen to music while working, coding or doing chores. It helps us to lift out mood, motivate us for trying harder and fill us with joys. […]

Did You Take The New Facebook Privacy Checkup?

Facebook Privacy Checkup Nowadays it’s becoming less and less possible to keep up online privacy as most websites now requires users to user their real name with correct contact information. Although this doesn’t seem like a problem to an average user however you are risking your privacy by putting your personal information online. Considering how important is Privacy, Apparently Facebook is now […]

Workercise: Exercises To Do At Work While Working On PC

Workercise Researches has shown that people having desk job may live up to 5 years less as compare to people with field job. [source] Sitting down in your desk and staring your computer for straight eight hours may earn you some extra bucks but will slack off your health. Exercise is an important part of maintaining a […]

How To Find The Name of a Song With Few Information

find the name of a song Suppose you are in party and an awesome song comes in, but unfortunately you can’t figure out its name. Now here you have two options, you can either ask your friends for the name of song or you can take help of technology. Although the former option may risked revealing your ignorance if that song happens to be quite […]

What To Do After Texting The Wrong Person

how to undo sent text message You must have gone though a situation when you have accidentally sent text to the wrong person or to a wrong number. And after we do that, you are left with 2 options, either you can cry like a baby or we can pretend that your account got hacked somehow. But guess what, you don’t need […]