How to change Windows 10 Login Screen

‘If it works and doesn’t look too bad, then let it be that way’- this is what I follow. However, I just hate the new windows 10 login screen. The back wallpaper is boring and on top of that there is also no option to change it. Now, we see this login screen like 10 […] Read more

A complete guide to change DNS Server

There are several reasons, why you may want to change your DNS server. For instance- You are not able to open few websites on your current network Websites are loading slower than usual You want to enable parental control or block certain websites All this can be easily done by switching your default ISP’s DNS service to third-party DNS […] Read more

See what others are browsing on your WiFi

So you want to know what others are browsing on your network. But why? Well, there are few practical reasons. Like– You are a parent and wants to monitor your children activity on the internet You are sharing WiFi with your neighbours and wants to know if they can see your browsing session or not You just […] Read more

Before you Join a YouTube MCN — Read this

If you are reading this, chances are, you are already doing well on YouTube and have a fairly active audience. So few months back, I had a first-hand experience with an Indian YouTube MCN and here few things I wish I knew before joining the network. What exactly is MCN? YouTube is the second largest search engine […] Read more

How to Setup Raspberry Pi b+ for the First Time

Once upon a time, the computer used to be as big as your entire room and comes with the memory less than your home printer. And look at them now. It’s smaller than the palm of your hand and can process thousands of instruction under one second. No. I am not talking about smartphones but an […] Read more

How to Regain Lost SD Card Storage

So you did something with your SD card (other than its normal usage) and now it’s not showing full storage space. For instance, something went wrong while I was installing NOOBS (an operating system for raspberry pi) on micro SD card and in that process I lost 90 percent of my storage. The first thing to do […] Read more

Compress Bulk Images Without Losing Quality

Images taken from smartphones can easily weight up to 5 MB and in no time you get will memory full error. Or let say you have a huge collection of images on your computer that you would like to upload on web. Now, this huge files size may look good at first but it create three […] Read more

Make A DIY Cable Management Holder

Nowadays, it’s quite common to see bunch of cables lying around the house, the list includes — earphones, ethernet cables, HDMI cables, power cables, USB cables etc etc. And since cable management is always in our least priority, we are always left with nest of cables lying in our shelf. Now you can always buy […] Read more