Quickly Remove Slideshow From website

Quickly Remove Slideshow Apparently, there is increase in no. of websites that uses slideshow, for ‘list type’ articles. This may help the publisher to get more impression but for visitors this slideshow is a nightmare. Refreshing each page to see the next slide, not only slowdown one’s browsing speed but also make the reading process quite irritating. So if you like me, […]

5 Best Android Apps not Present on Google Play (Video)

5 best android apps that are not available on google play Apparently there are more than 1 million android apps in the Play Store. Which means even if you try 50 apps everyday, it will take you more than one lifetime, to go through all the apps. Thus making it practically impossible for anyone, to go through all the apps in the market. Although Play Store is […]

32 Most useful websites that make you smart Blogger

useful websites [Updated Dec 2014] As a blogger you not only have be consistent in producing high quality content but also check seo regularly and be active on social media all at the same time. To make this work easier, I have made a simple list of websites (or see this video tutorial) that can help you […]

A Quick Way to Stop Auto Playing Videos in Chrome

Stop Auto Playing Videos in Chrome Everyone hates auto-playing video ads. And if you are like me, who browse the web with multiple tabs open, then it may take a while to detect which tab is auto-playing the video. Although, this detection is quicker, as chrome now show you small audio streaming icon, beside the favicon of the tab where media […]

Prevent Mac from Automatically Going to Sleep

Prevent your Mac from automatically going to sleep One thing that every new mac-user notice pretty soon is that; their computer put itself to sleep after some time of inactivity. This is a useful feature, introduce to save battery. But often this feature becomes irritating. For instance when rendering video, compiling code or downloading something from the internet. This is because one has […]

How to Track your Monthly Broadband Internet Usage

How to keep track your monthly broadband usage Everyone loves high-speed broadband, specially when it’s unlimited. But the truth is, not everyone has unlimited data connection. Most broadband plans comes with fair usage policy, better know as ‘data cap’- which means after consuming specified bandwidth  your internet speed will decrease. But if you are like me, who like to browse video and stream live, even on limited data connection- then tracking monthly broadband […]

Detect if the Image is Photoshop Fake or not

Detect if the image is photoshop fake or not “A picture is worth thousand words” Now imagine, what will happen if this picture is fake or manipulated. Photoshop is undoubtedly the best photo editing program ever. But like everything useful, Photoshop can also be use with wrong intentions. Although majority of ‘Photoshop fake’ are harmless, and are only meant for trolling folks on Facebook. But […]

Swift Premium Theme Review After Using it for 1 Year

swift responsive website Since you are reading this, I am guessing you are searching for premium theme for your WordPress blog. And if you landed here from Google than, swift theme has certainly caught your attention. Right ? So without beating around the bush, let just talk about swift theme. Swift Video Review  So, I have been using swift premium […]

Take this online Quiz to read Body Language better

read Body Language better Research studies have shown that major part of our communication is non-verbal; which constitute of only 7% words and rest 93% are gestures and expressions. And since most of what we communicate is done though body language, it has become really important to size people based on their facial expression rather relying on words. And to improve the skill of […]

Check if Your Website is Mobile Friendly or not

swift responsive website Gone are the days, when people only browse website from their computer. As smartphone users are increasing day by day, we see more and more traffic comes from mobile users. With introduction of mobile friendly label, in Google search results; rumor has it, that next Google update, will reword mobile friendly website. And since one’s gain […]