The Best Tools to Create GIF (All Platform)

how to create a gif easily Gif or Graphic Interchangeable Format, is a special ‘image file format’ that support animation. You can use it for- Sharing funny pictures on Reddit, Tumblr, Google+ etc Animating your profile picture of internet forums Providing visual instruction in your website (see example) But how do one create awesome gif with minimum efforts ? Well there […]

Tutorial: Use Spotify Outside US and UK (with Video)

Spotify outside US and Europe for free ! Since you are reading this article, I am assuming that you haven’t use spotify before. So first thing first, What exactly is Spotify ? Well, it’s a online music streaming services available for people in US and some other countries. But what make it different from rest is, audio quality, music recommendation algorithm and huge collection […]

I am Mrinal And This is How I Work (Update)

Gadgets I use Hi there! I am Mrinal, founder and the only writer on this blog. Few weeks ago i.e. on Feb 8th, RTT completed its third anniversary. And I also realized that, It has been long time since we catch up. Therefore in this post, I will share part of my life, like how I work, my typical […]

RTT Explains: Why WiFi signals are not dangerous to health

Is wifi dangerous to health Five girls from Hjallerup Skole, a primary education school in Denmark, conducted an experiment- to find out the impact of WiFi on humans. In the test they placed 6 trays of cress seeds, next to two WiFi routers, while the other 6 tray in a room without WiFi. And for next few weeks, both half […]

Mac Tips: Cleaver use of Spotlight on Yoshimite

spotlight in mac Ever since I switch to MAC, Spotlight is my favorite feature. Basically it’s a ‘desktop search’ feature for Mac OS X, that lets you search for ‘stuff’ in your computer. But unlike ‘Window’s search’, spotlight is dashing fast. Spotlight has become better, with new Yosemite update. As it now, appears in the middle of the screen […]

Easily Find WiFi Password of Connected Network

find WiFi password of connected network using keychain access in mac Back in my college days, my friends live together in a rented apartment. They had a high-speed WiFi. Unlike now, In those days having a WiFi (in rented apartment), was a big deal. And to brag their security skill, they use to set up complex password. But when, I came over and ask for the WiFi […]

How to Remove EXIF Metadata From Photos

How to Remove EXIF Metadata From Photos Do you know, every picture you take from your camera, has EXIF metadata ( Exchangeable Image File Format). In simple words, this metadata holds information like your camera modal, date when the picture was taken, editing software if used, and even the geographical location if your phone’s location settings is turn ON. Now that is […]

Check your YouTube Earnings in Adsense

Check your YouTube Earnings in Adsense Do you know, you can also check your daily YouTube earning, directly from your Adsense dashboard. This method enable, you to see useful information like cpc, cpm and no. of clicks etc which are not shown in YouTube earning reports. However most of us, overlook this feature as it’s somewhat hidden. How to Check your YouTube Earnings […]

Numbertank- Make Free Call to Any Mobile Without Internet

make free calls using numbertank Trivia: I use the following method to make free calls from my computer (connected to broadband) to my old Nokia 1208 (off course with no internet connection). I am using it for 6 months now, and it works like a charm. There are numerous ways to make free calls from PC to mobile. Some popular one […]

Simple Way to Create Complex Password

simple way to remeber complicated password A ‘Good password’ is hard to guess, but easy to remember. And this guide will tell you how to create one like that. One popular way of creating and storing password is by using ‘password keeper utility’ like keypaas, however using software to store password, is not everyone cup of tea. Right? Most people like […]