How to Format an Exernal Hard Drive for Mac

Most external HDD comes in NTFS format, which means, it work fine on Windows but on MAC, the drive will become read-only. Or let say you brought an unformatted HDD. Whatever be the case, if you are only going to use your HDD on MAC, you will have to format it to MAC supported file system […] Read more

How to Use HFS+ Format on Windows

HFS is default file system for MAC and iOS device. This means if you are only going to use your external hard drive on MAC, then it’s best to format your drive to HFS+. However, if you later decide to use that on Windows, it won’t work. But don’t worry, there are workarounds. You can format […] Read more

How to Use External HDD (NTFS/ HFS+) on Android

Many Android smartphones these days (like Nexus series) comes with a fixed storage i.e. in a 16 or 32 GB variant. However, you can easily expand the memory by using an external storage (like pen drive or hard drive) and OTG cable. This is useful when you are traveling and want to watch your favorite […] Read more

How to Use NTFS Drive on MAC – 3 Ways

NTFS (short of new technology file system) is a default file system for Windows. It was first introduced in Windows NT and over the years it has only got better. It supports all the modern features like encryption, journaling (reduce data loss), file permission, compression etc etc. Since Windows is still the most popular desktop OS, […] Read more

How to Play YouTube Videos in Background

Update: [Author’s note] Apps that play YouTube videos in the background are frequently removed from Google Play. So if you don’t find the app mention below on Play Store, Please don’t freak out. Try others or look for its apk outside the store. YouTube does not support background music. For instance if you exit you YouTube […] Read more

Record Audio Coming Out of Your PC Without Stereo Mix

Say you want to record the sound coming out of your computer like — a skype call, music from online streaming service or let just say you want to extract a dialogue from an old movie.  For this, you will need to record the system audio i.e. the sound coming out of your computer. But the process is not […] Read more

How to Play old Retro Games (like Mario) on Android

Do you want to relive your childhood memory? Do you want to play your favorite retro games (like Super Mario, Contra, Pokemon etc) on your Android phone or tablet? Well, the good news is– you can But why would anyone play those old 8-bit games, when the newer ones are way better in graphics and everything? […] Read more

Use Your Android as Surveillance Camera

Do you know, you can use your Android as a surveillance camera. How? Your phone’s camera will capture the footage and then send it your computer using some software. I know it sound geeky but trust me. it’s a lot easier than it sound. All you need to do is pair your phone and computer […] Read more