4 Android Apps to Create DSLR-Style Blurred Background

Blur Image - DSLR Focus Effect

We all like the shallow depth of field effect that we get in photos taken by DSLR. It brings the subject in focus, while the background gets a subtle blur effect. Now, not everyone has the luxury to afford a DSLR. But thankfully everyone has a smartphone with a decent …

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Useful NirSoft Utilities That Every Windows User Should Try


While some applications are essential, like – Chrome and WinRAR, etc., there’s another class of apps called ‘NirSoft Utilities’ that gets less attention. NirSoft Utilities are small programs that can perform many of the Windows tasks with ease, like monitoring your network, recover lost password, extract media of your previously …

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Must Have Paid Mac Apps For 2016


You get what you pay for. In our previous post, we have covered some of the best free Mac OS apps. And that also make sense, if you are getting something for free, why spend on it right? But there are apps that offer features like no other free app. And in …

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10 Great Websites to Download HD Wallpapers For Your Computer

Free Download HD wallpapers

Getting bored of your current wallpaper? Well, everyone likes to add a bit of personalization to their computers, to make it set apart from the rest. And that usually starts with a change of wallpaper. People often use Google Images search to discover new wallpapers for their desktop. But this …

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Top 5 Facebook Alternative Apps For iOS Devices


Facebook was initially developed exclusively for the web, and it works great on it. But, the problem lies with mobile. The app, as well as the mobile website, are average, to say the least. Their functionality and performance are not up to the mark, and the app even sucks out …

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Top 5 Parental Control Apps For Android


With time, the Internet has grown to become a rather intimidating place, especially for the unknown. Among them are the innocent teenagers. Children below the age of 16 are the most susceptible to danger on the Internet, as wary strangers on the web can easily exploit them. If the unseen …

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Best Recording Applications For Windows


Screen recording is a handy feature to have when you want to record gameplay videos, tutorial videos to post on Youtube, or maybe a product demo for your clients. Now, there are a plethora of screen recording applications in the market, and all of them share a few basic features such as …

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Mask Your Email Address While Using it on Shady Websites


Consider these situations — You want to signup for a temporary service. You want to contact people on a shady online forum. You have to share your Email address with people you don’t trust. In all the above cases, it makes no sense to use original Email Address. Anyone can do …

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Find Out If The Email You Sent Was Opened Or Not


Do you know, you can find out if the recipient has opened your Email? And no just that, you can also when did they open your mail and on which devices. Sounds cool? Well here is how to do it. In some Email service like Outlook and Exchange, you can …

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