Learn periodic table in less than 3 min (Video)

Recall the s block, p block, noble gas and how every atom tries to have 8 atom in their outermost shell. And you would have to spend hours remembering the order of periodic table but, Now you don’t need to carry a copy of periodic table with you. Popular YT channel ASAP Science has made a video which […]

How to make money on facebook (Case study)

Facebook is great place to connect with like minded people and promote stuff. But is it really possible to make money on facebook without spamming. Most of us, use Facebook for getting traffic to our blog. With more than 800 million user, we all know How is facebook making money using highly targeted ads and there is no […]

Effective way to embed YouTube videos in your website

No doubt Videos are the future and why not they are short, simple and to the point. Researches have shown that people don’t read the entire blog post anymore, but instead they scan it. This might be one of the reason why YouTube has become is second most popular search engine (after Google). So if […]

Which is the best free offline dictionary for android

Most of the apps in Android is design to work online and why not !! Almost every smartphones are connected to internet 24/7. But there are some cases when you don’t have access to internet like when your data pack has expired while you are travelling, if you want to save your battery or like me you […]

Easily stream videos from computer to Android [Video]

Today I going to share an awesome workaround that I use when I want to stream videos from computer to Android smartphones or tablet. There are many places around the house where you can’t take you laptop with you like toilet, kitchen or rooftop and you still need the watch videos from your PC hard drive.

Nexus 7 not powering ON !! What work for me

You might have seen my other post on N7 where I talk about various tips and tricks to improve it’s productivity. Today I had I strange problem with my Nexus 7, that it didn’t turned on. Yesterday I forget to put in on charge, so the battery must have drained over night. This had happened […]

NFC Technology: Things you should know about it

You might have heard people talking about NFC in their smartphones, or you might already using a NFC device. In both case this guide will help you do understand this technology better. NFC is under estimated technology and despite of it’s huge advantage people are not using it like it should be used. In this […]
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